Boris Johnson Pays Surprise Visit to Kiev and Volodymyr Zelensky as the World Wonders Where Is Joe Biden – Opinion

On Saturday, Boris Johnson (British Prime Minister) was seen in Ukraine.

Making a surprise visit to Ukraine’s capital, Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain on Saturday promised more military equipment and missiles to Ukraine, underscoring his country’s role as Europe’s most enthusiastic supporter of the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Britain will provide 120 armored vehicles as well as new anti-ship missile systems to the Ukrainian military, Downing Street said in a statement issued to coincide with the prime minister’s meeting with Mr. Zelensky. That is in addition to £100 million, or about $130 million, worth of military equipment that Mr. Johnson pledged to Ukraine on Friday.

Johnson’s presents were the focus of most attention. Johnson promised 120 Mastiff-armored vehicles (read Ukraine Joined NATO, Whether Russia Likes it or Not and More are Yet to Come), anti-ship missiles. These were widely believed to be Harpoon missiles that have an over-the horizon capability, which will provide a lot of entertainment for the Russian Navy.

The Czechia and Slovenian prime ministers had visited Kiev a month earlier when things were much more dire (Three Premier Ministers Brave Artillery fire in Ukraine, Joe Biden Announces a New White House Tour). I think Johnson’s personal visit serves multiple purposes.

France’s Macron is too much of a cuck to lead, and Germany’s Scholtz is too deeply compromised by Russian intelligence to attempt to lead the European response to Russian aggression. Boris Johnson would be a great choice to fill the gap. Washington is a good friend of his. He is not France or Germany, so the frontline states in Eastern Europe will be less likely to think he’s trying to stick his hands into their pockets to pay for “green energy” or Russian gas. He’s not from one of the frontline countries, so there is no jockeying for status. Finally, by visiting Kiev and making a major delivery of armaments, Johnson puts himself at the head of the European countries supporting Ukraine.

Some people have a sane sense of self-interest. Johnson is currently in decline in polls. It’s important to get out front of UK support for Ukraine.

In all this, the obvious question is: where’s Joe Biden? Normally one would expect that the American president will lead due to his resources, reputation, and neutrality in intra-EU scuffles. Instead, Biden has spent more time and effort trying to avoid offending Putin in return for his help in brokering a nuclear pact with Iran (see In Vienna, the Biden Administration Is Giving Away the Store to Iran, and Russia Is Helping and Will Biden Betray Ukraine and NATO by Lifting Sanctions to Get Putin’s Help With a New Iran Nuclear Deal?) than leading NATO. However, this should not be a surprise after giving Putin the green light for the invasion (Kyiv Is ‘Stunned’ That Biden Appears to Greenlight ‘Minor Incursion’ Into Ukraine).

Biden’s leadership, the US proved to be timid but not determined. Biden greenlighted Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. He was joking about his initial sanctions. He prevented Slovak, Polish and Bulgarian fighters from being transferred to Ukraine. His support was minimal. The world watched, and the world decided it wasn’t all that crazy about what Biden had to offer. The moment is over. NATO’s leadership role has passed from the US to people who can lead.

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