Border Crisis, COVID Policy Behind Massive Spike in Overdoses – Opinion

Is it possible to close the border and open another country?

The one thing that we do know is that there has been a 15% rise in overdoses between 2021 and 2021. This resulted in a record number of deaths, 117 622 people. The tragic numbers were released Wednesday by the CDC in a “Vital Statistics Rapid Release” report.

We may never know exactly how much the border crisis and pandemic lockdowns contributed to the problem, but we don’t need to be Einsteins to make the correlation.

One sign that points in the pandemic direction: Overdose deaths among teens doubled in the past three years, even though overall drug use decreased among the group. What did many teenagers do during this pandemic? They sat on their sofas because school was closed to them. Depressing and then getting high. According to NBC

“Our data make it clear that young people experienced significant disruption and adversity during the pandemic and are experiencing a mental health crisis,” Ethier (director of the CDC’s Division of Adolescent and School Health) said.

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The data helps illustrate one of the consequences of the pandemic, which has seen an uptick in substance abuse amid widespread unemployment and more Americans reporting mental health issues.

Another driving factor behind the epidemic of overdose is fentanyl. The Guardian has this report:

Researchers believe this is due to a large number of fake pills. These pills look just like real oxycodone tablets or Xanax tablets but in fact contain fentanyl. This synthetic opioid can be fatal if one pill is not authentic. Many of these counterfeit pills are being illegally smuggled into this country, and teens are often unaware that they contain the dangerous drug.

Fentanyl killed 71,000 people, but meth also proved deadly, killing 32,856. Cocaine caused 24,538 deaths, and prescription pain meds 13,503.

Alaska was the hardest hit state, with deaths up by an alarming 75%. According to my last month report, Los Angeles’ homeless population also increased by 26 percent. This is mainly due to the use of drugs.

What is the origin of fentanyl? The DEA doesn’t mince words, stating flatly on its website that “Clandestinely-produced fentanyl is primarily manufactured in Mexico.” Gee, wish there was something the Biden Administration could do about that. But wait, there are ways to police our borders.  It’s not racist or cruel, but that wouldn’t be a good idea. Let our fellow citizens die.

If you have teens or know any, you’ve probably heard them tell you about at least one contemporary they know or know of who has overdosed. Drugs have long been a problem in America, but it’s criminal to leave our borders open for the fentanyl to literally pour across, and it was shameful to lock down our kids and force them into such isolation with Draconian COVID policies. These are the results.

It’s a tragedy, and while we’re giving billions to Ukraine and the equity agenda, you rarely hear a peep from Joe about this epidemic. It’s time this regime acknowledged the severity of this problem and prioritize it before we lose another 100,000 next year.

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