Bold: Jonathan Isaac Reiterates His Stance On BLM, COVID Vax

Jonathan Isaac, the current Orlando Magic forward is standing firm in his anti-cultural convictions about Black Lives Matters and COVID-19 vaccination mandates. 

The author of the new book “Why I Stand” went on Fox News to discuss why he chose not to kneel for the national anthem before NBA games in 2020 during the height of the prevalence of the Black Lives Matter movement

“I tried my best to ask myself what was the best way for me to respond in a way that could bring change in the same way that people that disagreed with me in that moment decided for themselves would bring change?,” Isaac said. “For me … I said the love of Jesus Christ and the Gospel is what has changed my life and I can’t see a greater message or antidote for the times that we see than that message.”

Isaac was also a speaker at Saturday’s ReAwaken America Tour, in which he spoke about the convictions behind his decision to forgo vaccination despite the consequences from the league.

Notice it’s not what Isaac believes that is so convincing, but how he communicates it. 

You will find it has the best qualities in communication: an even tone, respect for other views, clarity articulation and undying conviction. While he does not seem stifled, he doesn’t appear to be overly emotional. He’s a clear man who can communicate the truth with clarity and conviction.

This man could be a lesson for both conservatives and progressives.

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