Black Voters Have Some Shocking News for Joe Biden, Dems – Opinion

Joe Biden is doing terrible in polls since the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. This left Americans and our allies vulnerable to the Taliban threat. He’s never recovered from that debacle — it opened the eyes of many who may have believed that he was competent or had experience. And he hasn’t helped himself since, with a continuous succession of blunders and gaffes, in addition to being far more radical in his agenda than many expected him to be.

But what especially hasn’t helped him has been his failure to address the out-of-control inflation. The Biden Administration initially refused to admit that it had occurred last year. They claimed that it was temporary. Now they’re trying to blame it on Vladimir Putin, despite the fact that inflation was ongoing long before Putin invaded Ukraine. People look at Biden and they just don’t believe what he has to say anymore, if they ever did. And if he hits you in the pocketbook, you’re going to return the favor and hit him where he lives — at the ballot box.

Biden’s poll from Marquette University Law School has some really bad news. This may prove to be his most devastating polling news yet. Their survey shows that Biden’s support among black Americans has fallen 32 percent. The same survey less than a year ago found him at 88 percent support — a relatively normal number for a Democrat. His approval rating is now just 56 percent. That’s a catastrophic drop for him, and that’s even with the rest of the poll being relatively more favorable toward him in overall approval than most other surveys.

“No rebound in decline in black support,” read the survey headline. In its January survey, 57% of blacks approved of Biden, while 41% didn’t. These numbers show that 56% of blacks approve, and 43% disagree.

“The trend in approval by race and ethnicity since July shows a very substantial decline in approval among black adults, with smaller but consistent declines among white and Hispanic respondents,” according to the analysis.

For decades, the black vote was key in Democrats winning federal elections. However, it displayed weakness during 2020, which has seen a rapid increase.

These numbers will drop to below 80 percent which can be problematic. However, 56 percent is a remarkable low number and it’s likely that you won’t get your money back. And although it’s an incredible drop, Biden faces drops across all categories and all groups. It is unlikely that the Democrats will benefit from this drop in midterms.

Biden’s failings are evident every day as people drive past the station and go to the store. People know how booming the economy was under President Donald Trump. The comparison is clear, and that’s not good for Joe Biden. Most Americans don’t buy the radical agenda Biden has set forth. You can expect to see more movement in the vote as the red tide becomes a torrent.

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