Black Lives Matter Goes Dark After Bombshell Revelations – Opinion

There has been long-standing evidence of corruption at the Black Lives Matter national organization. It was discovered that Patrisse Cllors (co-founder of BLM) and a self-described Marxist had been on a multimillion-dollar home-buying spree in the spring 2021. It included the acquisition of a Topanga Canyon property.

Just days ago, RedState’s Jennifer O’Connell wrote on a bombshell report noting the shocking lack of transparency surrounding BLM’s finances. That’s not by accident either. Various leaders have actively sought to hide the organization’s financial machinations from the public eye. The result has been very little money going toward the “cause” and lots of cash flowing into the pockets of activists.

Worse, following the resignation of Cullors, there doesn’t appear to be anyone actually in charge anymore. Meanwhile, $60 million in unspent funds is still sitting in the group’s coffers.

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors appointed two activists to serve as the group’s senior directors following her resignation in May amid scrutiny over her personal finances. They both secretly announced that they had resigned in September because of differences with BLM. The pair told the Washington Examiner they don’t know who now leads the nation’s most influential social justice organization.

BLM is now closed down, following the release of the report.

While I don’t agree politically with most of the people who gave money to BLM, I can still feel some sympathy for the fact that they got scammed. Instead of the money being used to support its mission and going to a well-run organisation, the money went to corrupt organizations. While activists made money, very little went to local projects that BLM had promised to finance. As to the money that is left, it’s just sitting there. I somehow doubt that’s what donors had in mind when they chose to give to BLM.

What’s especially egregious, though, is that BLM’s leadership didn’t even bother to fake things. It appears that they took all the money and then ran. They have not offered any apologies and they are not responsible for the events that occurred. BLM’s founders, a group made up of grifters and they essentially vanished.

Many on the left, like many here at RedState from our right, voiced their disapproval early on, stating that BLM is not to be trusted or supported. Many well-meaning individuals got too caught up in the hype and failed to reflect on what was actually happening. BLM did not show the ability to manage tens or millions of dollars and it never was able to demonstrate that.

On that note, I’m going to repeat something I’ve said before: Stop giving to large, online fundraisers. Whether it’s a GoFundMe for some random thing you saw on Twitter or scam charities like BLM, your money is better spent in your local community where you can have some first-hand accountability. If you find exceptions to the rule (e.g. You should exercise caution and be skeptical if there are any exceptions, such as a well-established medical charity or missions organization.

BLM has been damaged by the leaders of this group, which, if the DOJ had a more open mind, would have already begun investigating. I would be shocked if laws haven’t been broken. Unfortunately, the racial politics behind the group and its leaders have rendered them largely ineligible, at least for the time that a Democrat occupies the White House. Those who were wronged must fight for recourse. Maybe one day there will be.

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