As CNN’s President Is Chased From His Office, Stelter and Darcy Attempt to Polish the Wreckage – Opinion

CNN’s media people are unable to present the crater in a professional manner.

These are days that you should be training for if your job is as a spin dealer. Go-Time is for when your head leaves abruptly. It should be much easier to send the goods if you have an assistant. But, from the looks of it, Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter were diverging directions and both got thrown on the backside. It is. A fitting conclusion to corporate collapse.

To get a read on the dysfunction of CNN, look at the conflicting reactions coming out of Atlanta’s news center. When Zucker delivered his exit strategy this morning “unexpected,” “stunning,” “shocking,” and “a huge surprise” were just some of the initial reactions to come from his announcement. Also, at nearly the same time, we heard from others who commented how Zucker’s relationship with Allison Gollust was an open secret at the network. It was obvious to everyone, and yet it wasn’t predicted. It is so clear.

The hard work begins right away in their headline, calling it a “consensual relationship.” This is the automatic dodge we have seen, whenever there is a revelation of inappropriate coupling in the workplace. Already, we have seen years of ‘MeToo’ lectures tossed away when those in the media or in politics have been caught in the very snare they set for others. Zucker and other bosses were never supposed to mix with their underlings. This was because they felt pressured by those in power. Now, however, understanding and nuance are used to clarify things.


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Alisyn Camerota The term was also usedAs she was expressing sadness about her ex-husband’s departure, She had glowing words for Zucker, as she added how it “feels wrong” their consenting feelings could not allow for a private relationship. Of course, Camerota’s words fall flat, when you remember, she left Fox News in 2000, Declaring the area rotten, and that relationships just like Zucker’s were the work of predators. 

Yet, she could only wax rhapsodic towards the man who protected Chris Cuomo’s ethical lapses, shielded him from punishment for sexual abuse allegations, and ignored Don Lemon’s own charged behavior. After his Zoom call with Chris Cuomo, Jeffrey Toobin was allowed to return to the broadcast. Numerous pedophile case involving other CNN employees were also revealed. If Fox is rotten, by Alisyn’s measure, then CNN is a festering toxic swamp with a tire fire adjacent.

During one of his appearances today, Stelter commented on the events leading to this, noting Andrew Cuomo, his brother Chris, and ultimately Zucker’s demise revealed a remarkable domino effect. This may indicate that there were a number of bad events which led to the situation. In truth, what we see is a self-created scandal of Zucker’s own doing. He permitted the ethical lapse in journalism by allowing the Cuomo brothers’ comedy routine on the air, which became a way to enhance the governor’s image amid his own scandals. Now, however, it is possible to begin to understand the deceit.

Although Allison Gollust is a long-time Zucker associate, she was also something quite different. She had been a communications director for – Andrew Cuomo. This could go far to explain how brother Chris not only burnished Andrew’s public image but why – when he was seen to have been a player in Andrew’s defense of multiple sexual assault charges – he was allowed to remain in the anchor chair. It was not just a case where their pundit defended Andrew, but the network executives also had a deep relationship with him. 


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For these and possibly other reasons, we see Stelter and Darcy fall back on predictable and pathetic motions – they have to invoke the very same tropes of opposition they are addicted to using in their work. Here you can see their work almost independently. Oliver dragged in the name someone completely unrelated to what happened.

As the network faced constant attacks by Trump supporters and former President Trump, Zucker was its leader in recent years. Under Zucker, CNN adopted a “Facts First” slogan and approach to the news and was unrelenting in calling out Trump for his lies.

Stelter being involved means you know what next topic needs to be discussed.

This approach made Zucker a villain to Trump and he reacted badly during his time in office. In right-wing media, Zucker became an infamous boogeyman. Fox hosts would viciously attack him on prime time.

It is there. This pair is like an addict, unable to operate without feeling raged at their targets. It is remarkable that these organizations are expecting us to believe that Zucker has been unfairly maligned. We are all well aware of the fact that Zucker is an outspoken opponent to both Trump and Fox. He was heard. It was first reported by withinHe deliberately went after President Trump. All permissions for attack were granted to his rival in the news game.

Now, it is time to find out how the network will continue its evolution. Although the takeover by Warners-Discovery of CNN was expected to bring about some changes, those appear to have happened at a faster rate than anticipated. Last November one of the executives at Warners – John Malone of Liberty Media – declared his intention of getting CNN to begin “It will return to its original journalism.” It was a stunning comment, where a media expert was stepping and declaring that the product CNN has been putting out was not journalism.

The departure of the network’s biggest draw, and now the president of the network, indicates that wholesale changes are not just inevitable, but imminent. Stelter and Darcy seem not to have grasped this fact, as they keep putting out predictable opposition against their targets. If the aim of these new bosses is journalism, then tilting at Trump’s and Fox’s windmills won’t lead to job entrenchment.

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