Bill Maher Triggers the Left in Terrific Take on ‘Trendy’ Transgenderism – Opinion

While Bill Maher may not be ready to switch over to being a Republican yet, he’s not shy about jabbing at the woke shibboleths of the left.

On his HBO show “Real Time” on Friday, he warned Democrats that they were in big trouble with their positions if they lost Elon Musk — the guy behind electric cars. It was a signal that the Democrats were losing ground. “People are voting more Republican in November. The Democrats are going to get their a—- kicked,” Maher declared.

Most Americans feel that Democrats are extremely radical when it comes to transgenderism. Maher encapsulated that view in the take he had on the issue Friday, which was both funny and, at the same time, incredibly serious, given the issue — what’s happening with our kids?

First, he made a joke about the increasing number of people who identify as LGBTQ.

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“If something about the human race is changing at a previously unprecedented rate, we at least have to discuss it,” Maher began his monologue. “Broken down over time, the LGBT population of America seems to be roughly doubling every generation.”

“According to a recent Gallup poll, less than 1% of Americans born before 1946, that’s Joe Biden’s generation, identify that way, 2.6% of Boomers do, 4.2% of Gen X, 10.5% of Millennials and 20.8% of Gen Z, which means if we follow this trajectory, we will all be gay in 2054,” he said to applause.

“I’m just saying that when things change this much this fast, people are allowed to ask, ‘What’s up with that,’” Maher added.

He noted ironically that in the wake of the question about overturning Roe v. Wade, the ACLU didn’t even list women as being the people who would be affected by the decision — they claimed the LGBT community would be “disproportionately harmed.” Of course, when you can’t even say what a “woman” is, it stands to reason you wouldn’t know how women are being affected.

He then got serious about all the damage being done to our kids. It was exactly on point.

“But someone needs to say it,” Maher said. “It’s okay to ask questions about something that’s very new and involves children. The answer can’t always be that anyone from the marginalized community is automatically right, Trump card, mic drop, end of discussion, because we’re literally experimenting on children. Maybe that’s why Sweden and Finland have stopped giving puberty blockers to kids because we just don’t know much about the long-term effects, although common sense should tell you that when you reverse the course of raging hormones, there’s going to be problems.”

Maher pointed out that there are medical concerns with these decisions, including problems with fertility and bone density. “This isn’t just a lifestyle decision, it’s medical,” he said. “Weighing trade-offs is not bigotry.”

Here’s the part where he flipped out some on the left, and is likely to add to those who want to cancel him — he pointed out that some of this is because it’s “trendy” to identify as transgender.

“This is a phenomenon we need to take into account when we look at this issue. Yes, part of the rise in LGBT numbers is from people feeling free enough to tell it to a pollster and that’s all to the good, but some of it is — it’s trendy,” Maher argued before citing Dr. Erica Anderson, a transgender clinical physiologist who says some children are identifying as transgender due to influence and social media.

“If you attend a small dinner party of typically very liberal, upper-income Angelenos, it is not uncommon to hear parents who each have a trans kid having a conversation about that. Is that possible in Youngstown Ohio? If this spike in trans children is all natural, why is it regional?” Maher asked. “Either Ohio is shaming them or California is creating them… If we can’t admit that in certain enclaves there was some level of trendiness to the idea of being anything other than straight, then this is not a serious, science-based discussion. It’s a blow being struck in the culture wars using children as cannon fodder.”

Maher later continued, “I’m sure the vast majority of parents do not take this lightly. It is difficult to tell if something is real, or just a temporary phase. It is clear that being trans can be different. It’s innate. However, children do have phases. They’re kids, it’s all phases. The dinosaur phase, the Hello Kitty phase, one day they want to be an astronaut, the next day you can’t get them to leave their room. ‘Gender-fluid’ — kids are fluid about everything. If kids knew what they wanted to be at age 8, then the world would be filled with cowboys and princesses.”

Now, isn’t that a bit of truth? But you don’t hear liberal media generally saying that, because ‘we must be accepting of anyone’s belief.’ We have so many prohibitions on children taking actions when they are under 18 — and rightly so, saying they are not yet of an age to make such decisions. But while we forbid kids from getting tattoos when they’re under 18 because it’s “permanent,” somehow it’s cool that a kid should take puberty blockers or have radical life-changing surgery when they’re under 18? This is absurd. This is experimenting on a part of the present generation and it’s shameful.

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