Bill Kristol Joins in the Hilarious Conspiracy Theory Group on VP Harris and SCOTUS – Opinion

People who try to become someone in Washington, D.C.’s bubble, such as Bill Kristol, are an exceptional breed of human beings. These people will eat themselves for the sole purpose of being recognized by other bubble members and either loved or hated. In their narrow view of the world, even though they may be ridiculed by those whom they seek to praise, they still feel valued, even if it is scorned.

Think of Sally Field winning that Oscar, and screaming, “You like me, you really like me!” I would say it is pitiful, but I actually find it incredibly amusing.

Even before the surprise non-announcement, now the (official) announcement of Justice Breyer’s retirement as an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court, there has been a thoroughly amusing rumor running around D.C. about what would happen if an opening on the court popped up. The scuttlebutt goes that the Biden administration would dump the first female Vice President in history to fulfill Biden’s promise of nominating a woman of color to the high court.

The inside D.C. drivel presenting itself as intelligent thought was too much for Bill Kristol. So, he went to Twitter to post his “take” and secretly hoped that contributor Kurt SchlichterObserved and paid attention to.

Here are Bill’s Deep Thoughts

From here, it’s simple.

June 30: Court overturns Roe.

July 1: Breyer resigns, says Court “needs aggressive progressive justices.”

July 4. Harris is chosen by Biden to be his Court. Harris is resigning as VP.

July 5. Biden selects Romney for VP.

This view is of the Sun’s Surface HotSo I’ll do my best to make it work with the blinding intelligence of B.K. to dissect it.

When Bill says “straightforward,” I assume with his record he means straight off a cliff, but I could be wrong. I stopped reading most of his diatribes when Denny’s stopped using his book pages as coloring mats to save money.

June 30: Court overturns Roe.

July 1: Breyer resigns, says Court “needs aggressive progressive justices.

Sometimes, like most people who work for their living selling trash takes over and over, they come across something that may have some truth to it. This affords the person to point back at one in the future to a sliver of something they got right by accident and scream, “I told you so!” Some are so good at this, they make a pretty damn good living and get gigs at MSNBC.

It is possible that the court will overturn Roe V. Wade. We won’t know this until next summer. My colleague Streiff had an interesting take on this the other day with his piece here at RedState called, “Does Justice Sotomayor’s Intemperate Rant at Her Colleagues Indicate That She Knows Roe v. Wade Is About to Be Overturned?” So maybe the court does do this and Kristol gets to do a victory lap. #Ahoy.

It is doubtful Justice Breyer would suggest that the court requires aggressive, progressive justices. Why? He just wrote a book called “The Authority of the Court, and the Risk of Politics” that pretty much is begging for the politics to be taken OutThis is the result of current court politicization. I’m gonna give Bill a pass on this, being I double-checked that Breyer’s book was not released in pop-up book form for his convenience. It might happen again. Keep your fingers crossed Bill.

July 4. Harris is chosen by Biden to be his Court. Harris is resigned as VP.

This take is so bad I’m surprised that he didn’t just go full delusional and say that right after President WhitmoreBiden selected Kamala as SCOTUS. He made a speech to encourage Americans to resist the alien invasion of July 4th.

July 5. Biden selects Romney for VP.

Now I can’t do much with this. We all know that Romney is Bill’s dreamboat candidate, with hair he would kill for, and if I go much further into this heated delusion, Sigmund Freud would not be able to pull me out of the fevered swamp of Kristol’s imagination.

Now, to be fair to William, he is not the only person I know that thinks this is not just an Aaron Sorkin/ “The West Wing”-inspired scenario. Scott Hounsell (my colleague at Red State) is the host of our Wednesday evening confab called “The Confab” at 8 PM EST. Red State VIP Chat for Gold show, just mocked me on Wednesday night’s show for pushing back on this fantasy. If you don’t already have a membership, sign up and enjoy a special discount by entering the code LADUKE)

Kamala Harris has “fallen up” her whole political career. She was elected Attorney General in California and Senator, and she wasn’t liked by anyone. Really? I’m It is not saying she is notA nice person. She very well could be all those things, but she seems to have a knack for being in the right place at the right time — and right now she is the First female Vice PresidentIt has the potential to become the First female president. She can just wait for Joe to return from the aliens.

Making is exactly what that’s all about. history. SHe could become President for a day and nobody will ever be able take it away from him. You could make a lot of money on the speaking circuit and not have to work a day.

The technical side of an incumbent VP voting herself in for another job, isn’t going to bring unity into a country already divided. Kristol’s dreamboat Romney might even grow a spine to oppose that move.

These are all inside the beltway baloney. This is the exact type of crap Bill Kristol enjoys to pretend they’re smarter than actually they are. It’s not something that bothers me, but I love the way fantasy politics works out. The thing is, I used to play a game called “Dungeons and Dragons” as a kid but left it behind when the real world called. Bill still plays that game but in a slightly different format. It is impressive to see his determination and for not letting go of the reality, which I admire. But I can’t stop laughing to get around to that feeling.

The man who was once called Dan Quayle’s brain by the New Republic — when he was appointed the vice president’s chief of staff — to this day gives us a clear idea why Quayle was mocked and still looked upon as a buffoon.

Bill ought to have stayed a travel agent and sold cruise-ship cabins.


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