Biden Announces Breyer’s Retirement, Promises to Replace Him With a Black Woman – Opinion

On Thursday, President Joe Biden announced that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer had resigned and promised to replace him quickly with a black woman.

Biden called Breyer, 83, a “model public servant, in a time of great division in this country.”

Breyer was elected to the court in 1995, with Biden as the Senate Judiciary Committee chair.

“We all had high hopes for the mark he would leave on the history of law and the Constitution,” said Biden of Breyer. “And he’s exceeded those hopes in every possible way.”

As previously reported by RedState, Breyer’s departure came after the urging of leftist activists who learned their lesson from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s refusal to step away from her position, only to pass away during the height of the Trump administration. Donald Trump, then-President, was successful in appointing three justices for the court: Amy Coney Barrett (Neil Gorsuch), Brett Kavanaugh and Brett Kavanaugh. He also tilted the ideological balance even further to the right. Breyer declined to be a part of that new opportunity and was forced by the Democrats to retire in advance of the midterm election results, which don’t look good for Democrats.

USA Today reports that Biden has confirmed that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will become the next Supreme Court Justice.

President Joe Biden confirmed Thursday he will nominate a Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court for the first time in the nation’s history. Judge Ketanji brown Jackson, widely considered a leading candidate for the position is one.

Harvard Law grad at 51, was suggested as a potential nominee in 2016, when President Barack Obama still occupied the White House.

Jackson used to be a Breyer law clerk. CNBC reports that Jackson is supported by all 50 Democrats at the moment and three Republicans (the Sens). Susan Collins from Maine, Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska).

At least one Democrat believes that the new justice system should not be so concerned about the law but more with social justice. As RedState reported on Thursday, Mazie Hirono told MSNBC that the concern should be based on people and “not making decisions just based on” the law. Jackson appears to be prone to being overruled in higher courts when the law is wrong.

However, Jackson appears to be the most likely candidate to take over for Breyer.

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