Biden’s Sister Admits Shady Deals Were Kinda Wrong, but Claims Biden Name Didn’t Help Hunter’s Career – Opinion

America, the Biden family syndicate has a new strategy — or at least it appears so.

As the walls continue to close in on the Bidens, Joe’s sister, Valerie Biden Owens has taken a new tack, clearly designed to have it both ways. Finally, begrudgingly somewhat admitting the family’s shady business deals in China were “wrong” — in a clear effort to lessen the ultimate consequences — while also absurdly insisting Joe’s crackhead son Hunter making millions had nothing to do with “The Big Guy.” Complete nonsense.

During a recent interview with disgruntled former Fox News host Chris Wallace, </winking emoji> (out of whose a** karma continues to take yuuge chunks), Owens was asked about Hunter’s business deals in Ukraine and China.

Hunter Biden is a former Fox News host and disgruntled observer.

Given his lack of experience in these areas — energy in Ukraine and energy in China — you can understand where people would think, “Gee, they’re doing business with Hunter because they wanted to have some influence on Joe. Would it have been better for him just not to get involved in those deals?”

Owens replied:

It is all in the eye of the beholder. It is possible to see that from 2000 onwards or 2018, the exact same allegations, innuendos and charges were still being brought up.

So “hindsight is everything,” she said, suggesting it was a bad idea, yet “nothing ever came of it.” Sounds perfectly logical. Then again, she completely refused to answer my question.

Wallace continued pushing the envelope:

Is it possible that Hunter (Hunter), got these jobs in Ukraine and China on his own and had nothing to do his father?

Owens remained pure. Biden:

I think Hunter is — I Learn moreHunter is bright and young. (He’s 52 years old.) I know that he’s a Yale Law School graduate … he was on the board for World Hunger, or something close like that. … He was involved in many businesses, so yeah — Hunter is a Biden. (Now we’re getting somewhere: the acorn falls close to the tree.)

You can’t, he can’t run— that’s his name. (Run? Are you kidding? He ran for his life.His name like a bug to light, and milked every dollar out of “Biden” he could.)

He’s a smart and capable and honorable young (52-year-old) man. (Who got a stripper pregnant while he was dating his late brother’s widow, just months after brother Beau died.)

Are you reminded of someone?

As one brother and sister,

Joe still makes the two exclusive claims about Hunter that were made during the scandal. Hunter has not broken the law. Joe and Hunter have never spoken to Joe about Hunter’s business dealings. Sorry, Joe, that lie don’t hunt.

It continues as it does. The Family Biden is either doing a not-very-good-at-all job of desperately trying to defend what it thinks was perfectly fine — or as has been The Big Guy’s M.O. in nearly 50 years in Washington, lying its head off like there’s no tomorrow.

But, perhaps this time there won’t be a tomorrow.

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