Biden’s Latest Action on Oil Has GOP Demanding Answers and Tucker Calling for Impeachment – Opinion

As my colleague Andrew Malcolm previously reported, while Joe Biden has touted releasing millions of barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) as a “strategy” to deal with the skyrocketing gas prices, he’s also sending millions of those barrels overseas.

If the goal of the release was to lower prices, and not empty our reserve, this seems counterintuitive. It makes no sense to send the money elsewhere, when it is needed here. Plus, it’s deceiving the American people, when they think the release means that it’s going to help the supply here. A lot of it isn’t.

SPR’s purpose is to provide emergency assistance in an actual crisis. It will not be shipped to any other country or released until October. This goal was to help Biden, the Democrats, and to aid them in their midterm elections. Unfortunately, the current supply is quickly decreasing. According to Reuters supply is now at its lowest level in 1986 and crude oil inventories for the United States are at their lowest levels since 2004. How would we react if attacked in an instant? What would happen if we were suddenly attacked, especially since Biden has targeted our domestic energy production. Not to mention that the prices have gone up since the releases, so it hasn’t had the result of bringing the prices down.

Perhaps the most worrying aspect of this release is the fact that Joe Biden exported some of these millions of barrels of oil to China. In a letter addressed to the Biden Administration, Republican Members of Congress demand answers.

“China ramped up its purchases of crude oil from Russia and the United States to boost its own reserves, even as oil prices surged and President Biden called for a coordinated release,” Republican leaders wrote. “China is reportedly in talks with Russia to buy even more oil for its strategic reserves, while the United States and the E.U. pledged to ban Russian imports.”

“As a result, China may now control the world’s largest stockpile of oil, with total crude inventories estimated at 950 million barrels,” the letter continued.

So, not only is Biden depleting our supply, with Americans having to pay through the nose for gas and being told they should be happy to pay for the “liberal world order,” our oil is going to build up one of the biggest threats to our nation: Biden’s buddy, China. Biden does not save the oil in case it is attacked. Instead, Biden helps people we might be at war over Taiwan.

Selling the oil to China even had Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) blasting the Biden decision on Fox on Wednesday, saying he didn’t understand it and it made no sense. Khanna also argued against the exports in general, since such exports didn’t go to help our supply and didn’t reduce the price.

I may not agree with Khanna on much, but he’s got that point right. But, while he blasted Biden’s action, he still said he was supportive of him in general, so he’s not holding Biden’s feet to the fire on this.

Tucker Carlson however didn’t hold back, and he said that he thought that Biden should be impeached for what he had done–noting how unprecedented Biden’s action has been in the history of releases from the SPR and how much it is endangering our interests.

The Biden Administration sold off the emergency oil reserve that it had to China as gasoline prices have risen to new records. This is because American citizens born in America, vote, and pay taxes here, are unable to afford fuel for their vehicles. Is that an indictable offense or not? It’s certainly an impeachable one, and they should impeach him for that.

Tucker also wasn’t shy about pointing out the connections of the Bidens to China — how this once again raises some serious questions about compromise and endangering our national security interests.

The Biden team doesn’t have any answers.

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