Biden Ponders the Press in Far Away Galaxies While Staff Shoos Reporters out the Door – Opinion

Suddenly, it seems like the media is willing to comment on Joe Biden’s age and his cognitive issues. Even the NY Times is now amplifying his issues, pointing out how the White House is trying to deal with the situation — from getting him more “rest” in Delaware because he can’t do a 10-day international trip to making sure they do all they can to cut off the press from talking with him in unscripted moments.

Part of that is due to the fact that his numbers are so in the basement, he’s toxic and the Democrats are fleeing from him, so the media feels like they are now free to comment on the situation and his incoherence. Of course, he’s been incoherent since before he came into office but they couldn’t be bothered to be straight about the problem because that would have hurt the Democrats’ chances for power. If the media had been honest, maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation now. But given the nature of the stories, with them now acknowledging how few Democrats who want him to run again — nearly two/thirds don’t want him — it seems like they’re prepping us for a change, likely after the midterms, to announce at least that he won’t be running again.

At this point, it’s getting hard to hide the problems — every day he seems to be gaffing, and/or his staff is having to rush the media out of the room.

On Monday, Biden announced something fascinating — the first color picture showing the universe from the James Webb telescope.

Star Wars even had some fun.

That’s amazing and so vivid. I’m willing to bet most people would be blown away by it.

Daily Beast

The new photo is a brilliant snapshot of SMACS 0723, a region of the night sky containing a galaxy cluster so massive that its gravity ends up bending light around it—magnifying and distorting bright objects in the background. SMACS 0723 allows for a deeper field view of faint and distant populations of galaxies and stars.

“If you held a grain of sand at the tip of your finger at arm’s length, that’s the amount of space that you’re seeing,” said NASA administrator Bill Nelson. “You’re seeing just a small little portion of the universe.”

But Joe Biden’s reaction to it may explain — in part — why they suddenly tried to rush the press out of the room.

Biden wondered, “I wonder what the press is like in those other places.” He smirked as though he thought that very funny, but no one laughed. Then his staff said, “We’re gonna give time for the press to leave,” as Biden laughed again and they hustled the press out.

It says something about where Biden’s mind is at that the first thing he thinks about in such a situation is the press.

They are making the announcement. Why would they want to exclude the media? Because despite such a significant picture, they didn’t want the press to question the deteriorating Biden. I’m guessing they especially didn’t want any questions about the 4Chan dump and his son. Biden’s inability even has to mar an event such as this, which doesn’t require much and should have been a cakewalk.

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