Biden Makes Remarks on Buffalo Mass Shooting at Annual Police Memorial Event – Opinion

Biden attended an annual event at the White House, the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service, which serves “mainly [to honor] the officers who recently made the ultimate sacrifice and pays tribute to all the fallen,” according to the Fraternal Order of Police website.

Begound by his wife Jill Biden on the stage, he spoke briefly about Saturday’s mass shooting in Buffalo. 11 of 13 people were injured. RedState has covered the incident in numerous articles.

Before I begin, let me say a word about yesterday’s mass shooting in Buffalo.

Armed with weapons and hate, a lone gunman shot dead 10 innocents at a supermarket on Saturday afternoon.

Jill, as well as you all, offer our prayers for the families of the victims, and those in the devastated community.

Biden added that he has “been receiving updates from [his] team and the White House” on law enforcement developments on the shooting, and “close contact with the Justice Department.”

He continued:

Although we still have not gathered all the details, the Justice Department already announced publicly that the Justice Department is looking into the matter as an hate crime and racially motivated act by white supremacy or violent extremism.

They are moving forward, and we all must come together to end the hatred that still haunts America. Although hearts are still heavy, we must not lose heart.

Then as he moved into his prepared remarks for the memorial event, he said those in attendance understand this “better” than almost anyone, as the crowd was made up of “moms, dads, children, family members [of fallen officers], about how those folks in Buffalo feel today, when they got the call” that their loved ones had perished.

It’s as if you get pulled into a black hole in your chest, and there’s no way out.

Jill and I are friends [that] no memorial, no gestures can fill the void in the hearts they have now or that you who’ve lost someone feel as well.

We reported that a Buffalo ex-police officer who had been a hero and saved many lives by his quick actions was killed in the shooting.

You can watch Biden’s full remarks below:

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