Biden Didn’t Yell at the Presser? Gutfeld Mocks Yamiche Alcindor’s ‘Kiss-Ass Tweet’

Fox News’ late night host Greg Gutfeld started Thursday evening with negative comments about Biden’s press conference on CNN and MSNBC. Then, he drew a comparison with Yamiche Alcindor, NBC reporter, for her “kissass tweet” praising Biden and comparing him to Trump.

Alcindor bizarrely claimed Biden didn’t “lash out” at reporters, which Gutfeld demonstrated was false. Biden still thinks saying someone is “on the side” of segregationists doesn’t imply they’re segregationists.

GUTFELD, Of course there’s still some people who don’t believe in the president, just like the Japanese fighter pilots of World War II. They are stuck on an island that is not connected to reality. And this president, much like them, is zero. Yamiche Alcindor sent a tweet in support of Joe’s decision to not lash out at journalists. I guess she was distracted by Peter Doocy’s hair when this happened.

Philip Wegmann to BIDEN: That was not what I said. See what I said. Read what I wrote! Tell me if I said that Bull Connor called any person who voted for Bull Connor Bull Connor. And that is — interesting reading in English. You must have been drawn to writing when you started your career in journalism.

GUTFELD, Mmm. That had to have been the most disturbing thing Joe has done within the past 48 hours. And this man sniffs children’s hair like his son sniffs parmesan cheese. Yamiche also thanked Joe for making the news. He was awake for 90 minutes and didn’t fall asleep once. However, he gave his approval for the Russian invasion. Perhaps making news shouldn’t be the primary priority. Alec Baldwin has been making news too but it isn’t good news. He gave it his best shot. 

Gutfeld mocked President Trump for questioning what Republicans were for. 

GUTFELD, Normal people are able to tell you exactly what they do, so it isn’t four more years in weakness, fear and reckless spending. We demand an end to the criminal wave. Real borders are what we want. We need our shelves to be replenished. We demand law and order to be restored. We are ready to return to normalcy. We are against Democrats in power. Or at the very least, we want pepper spray on the shelves so that we can take back control.

Why not concentrate on your primary concerns, and not the secondary? [bleep]You disguise a voting bill as a right bill. That is what people see, just like cellophane versus a fruit box.

PS: Speaking of ridiculous denials, David Rutz at Fox News underlined that PolitiFact attempted to put Biden’s yelling “in context,” claiming this Bull Connor stuff wasn’t an insult (or a lie).

After Biden angrily asked a reporter for the same, PolitiFact’s Jeff Cercone said that “we went back to reading what he had to say.” “While Biden didn’t explicitly accuse those who don’t support the voting bill of being racists, he did say that their vote would be remembered unfavorably in history, much like the actions of those past figures who didn’t support civil rights or an end to slavery.”

PS: PolitiFact did scream “Pants On Fire” when a Republican billboard in Tampa suggested Rep. Kathy Castor was a communist. It might have been more accurate to say she was “on the sides of” communists.

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