An Uber Driver Goes Above and Beyond for One Passenger, and Gets Recognized for His Efforts – Opinion

Do you remember a time when our society looked out for one another and took care of our fellow men? If we could, we would. That time still exists, we just don’t hear about it as much as we should. It sometimes takes unusual circumstances to bring it into the limelight.

This week’s Feel-Good Friday is shining the light.

The first week of January, a horrible snowstorm on the East Coast shut down I-95, the major interstate that connects Washington, D.C. to Virginia—for 24 Hours. People ended up stuck on the highway because of Ralph Northam’s stupidity as the then-Virginia Governor. So, when a teenage girl’s train from D.C. to Virginia was canceled because of the weather, her parents called an Uber to transport her back to Virginia, unaware of the freeway closure.

Here’s where it gets interesting.


Williams and his passenger ended the day idling along the freeway. They didn’t go anywhere and used the heater to keep warm. Williams had no blankets. Williams became concerned about the girl’s state of mind, as well as fearful that he would soon run out of gas. Williams was able follow some workers trucks along the freeway to D.C.

Williams could simply drop his passenger at Union Station, and go on his way. But he didn’t want to leave the young girl alone at the station. So, he convinced her parents to let him get her a hotel room—with his own money.

The parents were initially reluctant, but eventually decided it was the right idea.

“They don’t know me, I don’t know them, and I get it,” Williams said. “They just want to make sure their child is safe.”

He checked her in at 8 AM and offered to drive the passenger to Williamsburg once all roads were cleared.

A close friend was able take her in.

“So around about 8:30 Tuesday night, she texted me and said she was safe,” he said. “She thanked me for everything and her parents had also thanked me, for doing what I did for their daughter because I didn’t have to do it.”

Uber reimbursed Williams his expense for the hotel, and the Uber driver praised Williams for being so kind to the passenger.

Williams also received a new job because of his outstanding showing of customer service as well as compassion and care for other people.

Alto, a ride-sharing company that is well-respected, has hubs in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Miami. They also extended an invitation to Williams to take a part time job within their organization.

Williams stated that he will be teaching other drivers how to maintain their cars and customer service.

“We are thrilled,” a spokeswoman said in an email to CNN. “DaVante is exactly the type of customer and safety focused leader we are looking to help lead our DC presence.”

Williams indicated that the terms of Williams’ offer are not yet finalized because Williams works full-time as both a realtor and property manager.

A good friend of mine always says, “Cream rises to the top.” DaVante Williams’ richness of heart and quality of service deserved recognition. He deserves to do greater things.

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