Bible Facts: 5 Misconceptions and Their Real Truths

Did you ever hear about some parts of the Bible that didn’t make sense from your friends or other books? Could a Christian see the word of the Bible and always believe that everything said about it is right? The proof justifies our belief, and the truth is overwhelming.

It is almost unbelievable to express religion without some argument issuing along. Christians read the Bible as their only basis of revelation and will discuss it for hours. Unfortunately, people have developed bizarre misconceptions about the Bible over the years. 

So, here we discuss some misconceptions and Bible facts. 

1. The Story of Noah’s Ark

Some misconceptions about the Bible are we all learn that the animals entered two by two. In truth, all clean animals entered in sets of seven and unclean animals in twos. 

Unclean animals are those that only have cloven hooves or only chew the cud. On the other hand, clean animals are those that have completely split hooves and chew the cud. 

2. Jesus Was Born in a Stable 

Two Bible authors, including Matthew, mention that Jesus was born in a house. This adds up since Jesus’ family resided in Bethlehem. However, as per Matthew, it was only many years later that the family went to live in Nazareth. 

The other writer, Luke, says the family stayed in Nazareth and only moved to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born. Luke mentions Mary giving birth in Bethlehem since the guest houses were full, so she had to lay Jesus in a feeding trough. It could mean a stable, but the historical scene suggests otherwise.

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3. The Bible Is a Rulebook

The Bible contains rules to lead people on how they should live. The modern church and the Israelites in the Old Testament received orders to govern their conduct.

Regardless, the Bible is not a rulebook, but it’s about God forming a connection with His people. Yes, there are rules, but as an extension of God’s nature, we could be in a loving affinity with other people and Him.

4. The Three Kings

Have you ever heard of the Christmas song “We Three Kings?”

Did you know that in the Bible, they were not actually referred to as kings? Furthermore, they’re also not directed as a set of three. The only connection to the number three is the number of gifts.

5. Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicaea

Emperor Constantine did not depict the doctrine of the New Testament in 325AD at the Council of Nicaea.

The truth is the council didn’t tell any Biblical canon. It was already described before the 2nd century and is still in Catholic Bibles. Emperor Constantine had no voice power at the council, and he was only there as a spectator. 

Knowing and Understanding Bible Facts

Knowing some of the misconceptions and Bible facts, we learn to understand the context of the Bible fully. This wisdom is beneficial and will rescue us to the extent that we learn and establish it in daily life. The Bible saves us and raises us to a more excellent perception of God as the sole life.

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