3 Driving Laws You’re Probably Breaking at Least Once a Month

90% of crashes in the US involve human error. However, 73% of drivers consider themselves to be better than the average! Clearly, there is some kind of disconnect happening, and it may come down to how well people think they understand how to drive

Do you think you’re a good driver? If so, do you know each and every single driving law in your state? Odds are that you probably don’t have the driver’s manual memorized.

Knowing which laws you and other drivers may break often can help you become a little safer on the road. 

Keep reading to learn about a few of the top driving laws that are commonly broken. 

1. Right of Way

People are constantly getting to four-way stops and not knowing who is supposed to go first. Some people just assume that the car that arrived at the intersection first is meant to be the first to go. This is correct! 

However, what if two cars get there at basically the same time?

In this scenario, both cars can go straight at the same time. If one car is planning to turn left and the other right, the car turning right has the right of way. If one car is turning and the other is going straight, the car going straight gets to go first. 

2. U-Turns

Unless there is a sign that says U-turns are permitted, you are not allowed to do a U-turn at any point. It is considered dangerous. Instead, you’re supposed to complete regular left or right turns until you’re able to get back to your desired direction. 

For instance, in Georgia, a driver is prohibited from making a U-turn on a curve or near a hill. You might also be surprised to learn that it is legal to drive without shoes in Georgia, but you’re not allowed to go the speed limit if you’re considered to be slow in the left lane! To learn more basic Georgia driving laws, visit this site.

3. Texting While Driving

Most states in the US now consider texting while driving to be dangerous and illegal. A lot of people still do this (and get away with it), but it is still illegal and makes your reaction time much slower as a driver.

Avoid texting while driving to ensure you’re staying safe on the road. While this may be considered one of many teenage driving laws, it really does apply to every single person that can legally drive. 

Stop Breaking These Driving Laws

There are so many driving laws that can be easy to forget when you’re a seasoned driver, but it’s still important to make sure that you’re following the letter of the law.

These laws are in place to ensure drivers are responsible, and if you break one of them while other drivers don’t, you may end up putting others in harm’s way.

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