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The Battle of Asculum was fought by King Pyrrhus of Epirus in 279 B.C. Pyrrhus put his troops into battle against Rome’s might and overtook them. He then crushed them. Pyrrhus lost the majority of his troops and many of his top generals but won the battle. Pyrrhus’s fate was not good. Rome did have reserve forces. Pyrrhus did not have any. 

Pyrrhus said that if he wins such a victory, he would return to Epirus with no soldier. Pyrrhus was forced to retreat against the Romans because of the terrible casualties. His territorial gains were all taken over by the Romans. We remember Pyrrhus’s victory through defeat as a pyrrhic win.

On the final day of Pride Month’s, President Joe Biden was awarded a win by the Supreme Court. In Biden v. TexasIn his quest to abolish the Trump’s policy of “Return to Mexico”, the President reached the Supreme Court. To avoid processing, all migrants crossing into the United States were required to travel to Mexico.

Even after it was overruled by the Supreme Court Roe V. WadeA week ago, immigrants were still a pressing issue for voters. Biden was awarded a pyrrhic victory by the court. Biden will be able to stop Trump’s policy of allowing these migrants to remain in the United States. This victory is coming as an enormous summer wave of migrants heads north towards our southern border. Biden is now facing an immigration crisis. Republicans are able to legitimately claim that the president made the crisis a reality and had the Supreme Court approve it.

This month was truly the most Pride Month. The Supreme Court’s 2021-2022 term made it the greatest. Within a matter of weeks, the Supreme Court has restored democracy and increased gun rights. It also expanded religious liberty in ways not imagined.

Democracy was restored by the Supreme Court to the States. This should never have been on the Supreme Court. Contrary to gun rights which are found in the Constitution and the Constitution’s Constitution, this document does not address abortion. This means that it ought to have been a matter of state. In 1973 seven of the Constitution’s life-long justices opted to overrule democratic discussion and debate by reading abortion into the Constitution. The pro-life movement worked with democratic institutions within the framework of American politics to remake the Supreme Court over 49 years. Although it won’t be recognized by the mainstream media as such, America’s pro-life movement represents one of the largest demonstrations of democracy ever recorded.

In order to preserve democracy, the Supreme Court held that the Environmental Protection Agency can not regulate climate change without Congress granting it the power. Over the last hundred years Congress has handed the legislative power over to federal agencies in order to avoid making difficult decisions. Supreme Court held that Congress could not pass responsibility to bureaucrats who aren’t elected, without passing clear laws. The ruling is hated by progressives, but will make it mandatory for Congress to actually pass laws instead of abdicating responsibility.

Guns: The court confirmed the second amendment right of keeping and bearing arms. It denied the states subjective power to denial conceal carry permits. Sixteen states were not affected. These states gave judges and others the ability to decide subjectively if someone was eligible for a carry permit. California’s law allows for the inclusion of political opinions. Each state, with some exceptions including firearm safety classes, has its own objective requirements in order to obtain a carry permit. It will become law in all 50 US states.

Finally, the court got rid of them all. Lemon v. KurtzmanThe so-called Lemon Test which required the government to enter forced secularism. According to the court, discrimination against religious schools cannot be made if the public covers the cost of private education. Public employees are allowed to express their faith publicly, according to the court. Both protect religious liberty.

It was an important year for the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court’s decisions in the last weeks made it the most successful Pride Month.

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