BBC Thinks English Women’s National Team Is Too White

The English women’s national soccer team is off to a phenomenal start in the group stage of the Women’s 2022 European Championships, winning its first two matches by a combined score of 9-0 and earning a bid to the quarterfinals of the tournament before their last group play matchup.

But despite all that success, there’s something deeply, deeply wrong with the English squad. It’s not a tactical approach to their game, it’s not a long list of injuries to star players, it’s not their upcoming schedule. 

The Three Lionesses’ most glaring issue is that there is too much “whiteness” on the team. 

At least that’s what BBC news anchor Eilidh Barbour thinks. After England beat Norway 8 to 0, she used her post-match recap to critique the team’s racial composition.

This bizarre take was noticed by Darren Grimes (a British host of news) who pointed out Barbour’s obvious racism.

We always need to wonder, in all situations, “What is it about whiteness? That makes it so evil?” While you would expect people who so strongly scream and proclaim that whiteness is a bad thing to readily provide at least one reason for why white people are evil, we don’t even get a hint of a reason why.

England boasts three players from a minority background while Norway has one. Barbour would also have criticized the Norwegian personnel decisions if she was more consistent with her analysis.

Race-baiters, however, are not always consistent. 

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