Barack Obama With the Worst Take of All Time on Uvalde – Opinion

The 44ThUvalde was weighed by the president of America, the 46th president. This might have been the most shocking take of all time on Earth.


Barack Obama decided the best way for 10-year-olds to grieve, who were murdered at school by an unquestionably crazy individual, was to remind America of George Floyd’s death in custody two years back.

I frankly don’t know where to go with this – it’s such an awful take. I don’t know if former President Obama was drinking or if his account was hacked but this might top Twitter for the worst take on yesterday’s massacre ever — and that includes Beto O’Rourke invading a news conference to push a political point.

Whatever your opinion on George Floyd’s passing, George Floyd wasn’t an innocent 10-year old who was sitting at his school desk just two days away from summer vacation. Floyd was a professional criminal. At the time of his arrest, Floyd had been high on several drugs, and had just gotten a $20 counterfeit bill. A pregnant woman was previously held hostage in his own house. He was no different to or similar to those 19 unarmed students, who were killed before they had the chance of driving or protecting themselves.

Barack Obama is not someone that I have ever liked. He would heal the nation and be a unifier, but I wasn’t a fan. He was/was not all of these things.

Now in retirement, and with his inept VP at the helm of the “Free World” he’s decided that it’s best to compare a career criminal to murdered innocent children.

Terrible and terrible take.

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