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Baker Mayfield, a fifth-round conditional draft pick of the Cleveland Browns has been traded to the Carolina Panthers by Baker Mayfield. If Mayfield and Christian McCaffrey (star running back) are included, this seems like an incredible deal for the Panthers. Moore, Robby and Terrace Marshall might be able to co-exist, leading the team to the playoffs.

This trade alone will not put the Panthers on top — unless Mayfield shows improvements in his game and looks like the Mayfield we saw in college with the Oklahoma Sooners. The Panthers are only giving up one fifth-round draft pick, so they can keep their rest of the team.

The Browns’ current quarterback Deshaun Watson may be suspended due to civil lawsuits alleging that Watson engaged in coercive behavior and sexual promiscuity. They will continue without Mayfield, regardless of whether Watson is suspended. Jacoby Brissett is the Browns starter quarterback if Watson is removed, as is very likely. Browns realized Brissett was better suited to be the Browns’ quarterback than Mayfield.

Mayfield’s career was marked by 14,125 yards and 92 touchdowns. He also had 56 interceptions. Mayfield started in 59 of the 60 games he has participated in so far. Mayfield’s start as the Browns quarterback saw them win 29 and lose 30 games.

Jacoby Brissett has thrown for 7,742 yard, 36 touchdowns and 17 interceptions throughout his entire career. He’s played in 60 of his games, and has started only 37. Brissett’s record as starting quarterback is 14 wins and 23 defeats.

Although it is not clear how significant an upgrade this trade will bring to the Browns’ roster, they didn’t get much for Mayfield. The Browns’ running backs Nick Chubb (running back) and Kareem Hunter (running back), will be their primary players until Watson is ready to return to action. The Browns added wide receiver Amari Cooper while losing Jarvis Landry during the offseason, but with Brissett as the quarterback, Cooper’s production could be limited. The Browns may need to heavily depend on the running game if Brissett is the quarterback.

Christian McCaffrey (star running back for the Panthers) is one of the top players in the game. McCaffrey will get 15-20 touches per game (rush attempts, pass targets), which should allow Mayfield to settle into a routine, particularly at the start of each quarter. Mayfield is also able to throw to a strong wide receiver group, beginning with D.J. Moore is followed by Robby Anderson and Terrace Marshall. Mayfield can lead this team into the playoffs because of Carolina’s talent.

The Panthers’ season will begin against the Browns in Carolina.

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