Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison Beclowns Himself Over Novak Djokovic – Opinion

Australia, known for its penchant to tick off foreign countries lately, decided Serbia would be the latest foe on the international stage. Novak Djokovic is now in a holding pattern, while Djokovic is tennis champion and Australian Open defending champion. Djokovic has been confined to a Carlton (suburb in Melbourne) hotel, while everyone tries to determine if his exemption from vaccinations. Source: ESPN

Djokovic was not allowed to enter Australia, according to the Australian Border Force.

“The rule is very clear,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison told a news conference Thursday. “You need to have a medical exemption. He didn’t have a valid medical exemption. We make the call at the border, and that’s where it’s enforced.”

It is amazing to see how much the leader of a nation can do with a conference he calls about one tennis player. tweet about it. But I digress.

Serbian president Aleksandru Vučiću is decidedly not amused, using his Instagram account to fire back at Morrison et al.

Vučiću said Serbian authorities were taking measures “so the harassment of the best tennis player in the world be stopped in the shortest possible time.

“In line with all norms of international law, Serbia will fight for Novak, truth and justice. Novak is strong, as we all know.”

For example, the Australian ambassador to Serbia has been called on the Belgrade carpet for a “friendly” chat about the matter.

The ESPN article omits 2 important factors. One, there can be zero doubt Morrison felt compelled to go full blustery buffaloing bull due to major pushback from Australian citizens who, from the COVID panicdemic’s onset, have been subjected to abuse of the worst kind by their government in the name of slowing the spread. Which, to the surprise of no one, hasn’t worked. The sheeple media has attempted to paint a picture of public hue and cry over Djokovic’s original exemption. Still, in Realville, the anger is aimed at their own government’s sledgehammering of its citizens. (Yo, Aussies — might I suggest voting different next time around?)

Second, and perhaps even more important, is how the “trust the science” brigade, said science fervently hoping short-term memory loss is in play so no one will remember the “science” can’t tell the same story two days consecutively, is that Djokovic has protection against COVID those who’ve been jobbed by getting the jive jab do not enjoy. Being able to recover from COVID after having had it. The best form of immunity is natural immunity.

Morrison is trying to get attention away from all the COVID-related problems in this mess. It’s not working. This makes him seem foolish and ignorant about science. He is doing it quite well. One thing is certain, regardless of what happens. Morrison and not Djokovic will be roasted with the shrimps on the barbeque.

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