Atty Mark Meuser Punches Down on Fauci and Launches His Senate Campaign With His Response to ‘29,000 Liberal Trolls’ – Opinion

Mark Meuser, a conservative lawyer and politician is well-known. Meuser, a Dhillon Law Group lawyer, is an uncompromising defender of our rights and freedoms. Meuser also criticizes Dr. Anthony Fauci, his shifting suggestions and the hypocrisy as well as unconstitutional mandates from Governor Hair Gel.

Meuser was elected California Attorney General and is running to be the U.S. Senate candidate in 2022. This will ensure that Affirmative action candidate Alex Padilla can’t return to Capitol to continue the corruption-ridden California to D.C. pipeline.

A few weeks back, Meuser posted a meme about not only the hypocrisy of Dr. Fauci, but this campaign by the Biden administration to further the narrative that the COVID-19 pandemic is “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

While the meme received likes and comments of agreement, The Fauci-ists and their flying monkeys ended up attacking Meuser—“29,000 liberal trolls,” to be exact.

Meuser replied on the Senate Facebook page first:

Dear Liberals who enjoy mislabeling their political adversaries

My position is not one of anti-vaxxers, but I support freedom.

One person told me their friend was refusing to hear me speak, because they had looked up my campaign platform online and found someone who considered it anti-vaccination. While I’m not pro or anti-vaccination I support the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution gives the American people the freedom to govern their own lives.

I stand up for the Constitution, and defend individuals’ rights to make decisions that are best for themselves and their families. America is not governed by bureaucrats or politicians. They cannot dictate what you think and eat.

If you want to call me an anti-Vaxxer then you will be labeled as anti-American, anti Constitution, and anti-Freedom.

Meuser made lemonade into lemonade by shooting a shot across the bow to create his first Senate campaign clip.

WATCHThis is:

An constitutionalist is a fighter who can punch down but gives sound policy and facts. Are you a master of humor? Meuser’s campaign may be the one to watch.

Mark Meuser can be followed on Facebook as well. Twitter


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