Ashley St. Claire Confronts Activist Who 'Pole Dances' Outside ICE Facility
Ashley St. Claire ICE

Activist Humps Pole Outside ICE Facility That Flew Mexican Flag – Screams, ‘F— the Troops!’

Conservative influencer Ashley St. Claire visited her local ICE facility in Aurora, Colorado, over the weekend, and ended up in a bizarre confrontation with liberal immigration advocates. 

St. Claire, who describes herself as a “Freedom Fighter” and a “Patriot,” said she wanted to show her love of country at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement center where protestors on Friday pulled down the American flag, tried to burn it and replaced it with a Mexican flag.

“I’m appalled that politicians like [New York Democratic Rep.] Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have promoted this behavior and disrespected our country and disrespected our country our flag and our law enforcement,” St. Claire said in a video of the visit posted to Twitter on Monday. “I’m here to show support for our law enforcement and our country and everything that our flag stands for. God bless America, and God bless our law enforcement.”

Later in the video, St. Claire told the motley crew of immigrant advocates she encountered that they should respect the American flag and U.S. service members. In response, a young woman wearing tank top reading “Free Them!!!” began screaming wildly, calling St. Claire a “fucking bitch” and a “white supremacist.”

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“Get the fuck out of here, now!” the woman screeched in St. Claire’s face at one point.

Two of the woman’s three young male companions then restrained her, while a man in a purple dress silently filmed the exchange on his phone.

One of the men repeatedly said, “Fuck the troops” into St. Claire’s camera.

“I hope this shit goes viral”

However, when St. Claire repeated that she supports the troops, the woman would no longer be contained.

“So we can have oil from other countries?” the woman taunted St. Claire. “You support the troops so that we can have oil and kill innocent people? That’s cool!”

In a surprise finale, the enraged woman mounted a nearby street sign and began humping and swinging around it.

“Yeah, fuck the troops, bitch,” she said. “What’s up, hoe? Fuck you. I hope this shit goes viral.”

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As of Tuesday morning, the video had been viewed more than 600,000 times.

Ashley St. Claire versus Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on ICE

The made-for-social-media showdown underlined how much the issue of immigration has polarized Americans in recent years.

As President Donald Trump has sought to crack down on illegal immigration and grapple with a crisis on the southern border, liberals have taken an equally hardline stance against his approach and his sometimes-nativistic rhetoric. The left’s position has often been difficult to distinguish from “open borders,” which conservatives have eagerly pointed out.

Ocasio-Cortez, a leading anti-Trump and pro-immigration voice, has advocated abolishing ICE and possibly the entire Department of Homeland Security, while denouncing immigration officers in sweeping and often inaccurate terms. She has also compared migrant detention centers to Nazi concentration camps and warned that the United States is undoubtedly “headed for authoritarianism.”

On Saturday, a man said to belong to antifa firebombed an ICE facility in Washington state before police shot him dead. A manifesto friends say he left behind is filled with moralistic language about migrant “concentration camps” and “ascendant” fascism that echoes Ocasio-Cortez’s rhetoric.

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