House Democrats not first to use Obama era camp photos.

House Dems Delete Photo Slamming Trump’s Treatment of Migrants After Realizing It’s an Obama-Era Pic

House Democrats on Tuesday used two photos from President Barack Obama’s administration while touting their investigation into “inhumane treatment” at the border.

The Twitter account for the House Committee on Oversight and Reform tweeted out a photo of “kids in cages” along with an announcement of a Wednesday hearing entitled “Kids in Cages: Inhumane Treatment at the Border.”  The since-deleted post revealed the hearing was intended to investigate the inhumane treatment of migrants after members of the committee witnessed the “grotesque treatment of children” on a trip to a detention facility.

Democrats have recently accused the administration of President Donald Trump of treating migrants at the border inhumanely, with some prominent Democrats even comparing the detention facilities housing migrants to Nazi concentration camps. But as Democratic lawmakers likely realized, the picture accompanying the announcement was taken before Trump took office and showed conditions at the time the Obama administration was in power.

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Soon after posting the announcement, the Trump War Room Twitter account retweeted the photograph and pointed out the error. Minutes later, the original tweet was deleted.

The Trump War Room account then posted a second tweet linking to a clearer image along with a fact check from The Associated Press detailing the origins of the photo.

After deleting the first tweet, the Oversight and Reform committee posted a second tweet using a different photo. But the new photo was also from the time of the Obama administration, according to Oversight Committee Republicans and the AP fact checker. Soon after, the new tweet was deleted as well.

House Democrats not first to use Obama-era camp photos to slam Trump administration

Just last month, actress Nancy Lee Grahn disseminated similar photos in a tweet to her 135,000 followers. In a tweet, the actress said they captured Trump officials “forcing children 2 sleep on a cement floor with an aluminum blanket & lights on all night.”

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However, like the Oversight and Reform Committee, Grahn used an Obama-era photo to illustrate the purportedly inhumane conditions.

“30,000 retweets for this total lie,” tweeted conservative media strategist Caleb Hull. “These pictures are from 2015 and Nancy cropped the time stamp out of the top left. This only further proves the media took an 8 year nap under Obama.”

“It doesn’t get much worse than this, folks,” Hull said in a followup tweet. “Fake news is the enemy of the people.”

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