As Elon Musk’s Purchase Draws Nearer, Leftists Melt Down and Hold a Funeral for Twitter – Opinion

Things are getting a little brighter for Twitter and the roaches don’t like that.

As RedState previously reported, SpaceX/Tesla CEO Elon Musk is getting nearer to buying the social media platform Twitter, which Musk has described as the “de facto town square.” Two people with insider knowledge of the situation told the New York Times that Musk and the board were negotiating his bid early Monday.

The Times article, as reported by Bonchie, was quickly followed up by articles on Bloomberg and Reuters which reported that a deal between Musk and Twitter’s board is imminent.

Musk’s fans or supporters of Musk’s goal to make Twitter a free-speech platform are excited by this news. We may now be closer to a place where ideas can freely exchanged without being monitored by ideological extremists.

For the ideological radicals, and those who believe their absurdity, it is a very sad day.

“RIP Twitter” trended on Monday morning, filled to the brim with sad authoritarians who were lamenting the loss of their course handicap. They will not be able to make their points and arguments heard by the rest of the world if the establishment doesn’t work in their favor.

Naturally, they’re lashing out.

“RIP Twitter” was quickly overpowered by a trending hashtag #ElonMuskBuyTwitter, but I want to point something out. Many of the leftists began screaming the word they love to throw around more than any other right now: “disinformation.” They’re supposedly terrified that with Musk at the helm, people will just be able to spread false information and utilize lies to convince people of all sorts of harmful things and help stir up hatred toward another group.

To them, I’d say they needn’t worry. Twitter’s been doing that all along.

“Misinformation” has been such a cornerstone for Twitter that its staff enforced it. False information about the coronavirus pandemic, basic biology, censorship of doctors, scientists, and professionals for disproving the claims of leftist politicians, and more have been Twitter’s operating procedure. It enforced its terms of service selectively, punishing those for telling the truth and calling it “hate speech” or “misinformation” far more than those who lied.

If you’re worried about the appearance of misinformation on the platform, then I regret to inform you that we’ve been swimming in it this entire time.

Moreover, if they’re worried about the spread of hate then I’ve got even more sour news. The “hate” was already there, it was only just allowed to go one way. Years ago I pointed out that Twitter allowed even threats to conservative children until enough was made public for them to take action.

Under free speech rules, Twitter will indeed have misinformation and hate being flung back and forth…just like it always has. This can only be corrected now.

As I’ve said before, the people who are angry about this aren’t actually mad about what they say they’re mad about; they’re mad that they’ll no longer be the only people able to do it.

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The national conversation is about to change drastically; that is, if Musk’s purchase goes through. Without control of the narrative on the west’s most popular conversation platform, what kind of look will the general public take on?

It will be interesting to see what happens, but it is encouraging for the first time since a very long time.

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