Artificial Intelligence’s Influence on the Global Job Market 

The worldwide labor market is on track to undergo some major changes due to the recent development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. By 2025, it is predicted that there will be an elimination of 85 million jobs, but 97 million new jobs will be created to work with AI in close proximity. In order to retain their job and livelihood, the workforce of tomorrow must adopt the necessary skills to become familiar with this technology. 

The United States is currently leading the world in AI-related employment. In August 2023, there stood over 75,000 job postings that required knowledge about and the ability to work with AI. AI job postings account for around 1.5% of all job ads in every U.S. state, but California and Texas are the clear leaders in paving the way for the job market of the new age.

Jobs with the highest expectation of growth include data scientists and software developers. In order to ride the wave of growth in these roles, prospective job seekers must arm themselves with skills such as understanding natural language processing and machine learning. A lot of this knowledge can be developed with a higher education background in a computer science major.

Where are the world's AI Jobs?

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