The Human Touch:  Unlocking AI’s True Potential

The global artificial intelligence (AI) market is projected to grow twenty-fold by 2030, but AI’s limitations demonstrate that it cannot develop without human intervention.  Although AI is becoming a significant part of the global technology mix, AI incidents and controversies have increased twenty-six-fold since 2012.  AI’s rapid growth has led to 60% of people expecting significant changes in sectors like education, transportation, shopping, entertainment, and safety within three to five years, with ChatGPT being a significant driver of this excitement.

Despite its progress, AI cannot make perfect decisions without human intervention.  Current AI systems lack abilities such as narrowing research focus, setting exploration prompts, exerting judgment, determining essential data, manifesting designs, explaining conclusions, and having the desire to accomplish tasks.  Furthermore, AI cannot tap into human soft skills like creativity, empathy, and teamwork.

To unlock AI’s potential, the human element must be incorporated.  By combining AI with human intelligence, we can accomplish significant tasks quickly and boost AI capabilities.  This may lead to advancements in AI, such as multitasking, discernment, moral decision-making, empathy, and creativity.  AI curation, which involves directing AI through a series of basic questions, is crucial for effective AI utilization.In conclusion, unlocking AI’s potential starts with human interaction.  Human-centric commands are the key to the future of artificial intelligence, and a synergistic relationship between humans and machines will ensure AI’s continued development and success.

What AI Needs To Learn From Humans
Source: Academic Influence

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