Arrested With A Great Career: How To Keep Your Arrest From Impacting Your Job

Arrests happen to people of all demographics with some people having far more to lose than others. Getting arrested when you have an immensely successful career brings quite a bit of stress. Losing a steady job that pays well can lead to financial ruin far more quickly than most people realize. Informing your employer is up to you as certain employers require you to inform them of an arrest. Others are not going to run a background check on an employee that has worked for the company for years. Checking company policy is always important as is seeing how others informed the employer of their arrest. If they were automatically terminated, keeping your arrest a secret is the best course of action. Below will delve into what you should do when arrested with a great career. 

Find The Right Attorney 

A criminal defense lawyer is going to be very important to hire. You want your charges lessened, dropped, or to be given a diversion program that leads to the charges being dropped. Stick with an attorney that has handled cases like yours in the past. A specialist DWI attorney will likely have a number of case results to show you. You want an attorney that has charges dropped regularly or gets their client in some sort of diversion program. The collection of evidence during a DWI stop is the most important aspect of the case. A refusal to submit to testing gives an attorney a far better chance of helping you beat the charges. The state you are arrested in matters as you want an attorney familiar with state laws.

Ask For A Few Days Of Remote Work

Remote employees have a huge advantage over those in the office when arrested. The company might care far less about an arrest if the employee is never going to meet other members of the staff physically. Remote workers can also ask for certain hours off if they have to attend court. Remote employees won’t have to explain why they are dressed up for court or have to take a half-day on short notice. Most employers are going to be relatively flexible with remote employees if they are productive and regularly hit all of their deadlines. 

Get Help If You Need It

The arrest you endured might have been due to substance abuse or a lack of control over your anger. Substance abuse leads to so many arrests due to an addiction forming over the course of time. You would make decisions that you otherwise would never make when in the depths of addiction. Seeking help in the form of anger management or substance abuse counseling can be invaluable. This might also help immensely when you head to court as the judge will likely view this as proactive. The help you get might be a part of a plea deal’s terms so you are just getting ahead. 

Your career should not be derailed by one mistake leading to your arrest. Manage the details of the arrest that you can and make sure it does not happen again. A repeat arrest might lead to a harsher sentence or an employer thinking you have not learned your lesson.

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