A Guide to Living in Copenhagen: Things to do & Where to Go

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Danish”? Perhaps their people, culture, and food. So, where else do you go to experience them but Copenhagen?

Indeed, it has a remarkable community! It has a long history that lives on even in the presence of modernity, evident in its architecture. 

You will also learn more about the city and its people through its local cuisine! It is a perfect place for travelers looking for new adventures! 

Copenhagen is a remarkable city to live in. Once you find a new place to settle in and call home, you should check out the things to do and where to go. Here is your one-stop guide when in Copenhagen!

Copenhagen’s Culture and the Arts

You might be interested in how they lived hundreds of years ago and got to where they are now. In that case, you should first go to places where the art and design show you more about their history.

If you like art or want to learn more about it, you should visit inclusive museums. Not only does it show us a beautiful scene, but it also tells us a story that makes us wonder. You can experience all of it since they are also good with their innovations and ways of life.

Statens Museum for Kunst

The National Gallery of Denmark is at the Statens Museum for Kunst. Danish art and worldwide art for 700 years are here. They include collections from European Renaissance masterpieces to modern and contemporary art. 

You should check out its well-known Danish Golden Age art collection and the best collections of Matisse in the world.

In addition, SMK offers guided tours, performances, art talks, concerts, workshops, and more.

Danish Architecture Center

The Danish Architecture Center (DAC) is popular among tourists. It is known for introducing fascinating Danish architecture to visitors. 

It tells of the urban lifestyle of the Danish. It also features BLOX’s local design and architecture on the Copenhagen harborside. 

You can also get a closer view of the buildings with DAC as your tour guide. You will even discover modern gems which are hard to find when you stroll around its historical sites.

Copenhagen Food Stops

Visiting without any food experience is a no-no! These top food restaurants will energize you on your trip to Copenhagen!

The Local Café

Do you need coffee first thing in the morning? In the old part of Sydhavnen, you can get your daily cup of coffee. 

Rallys is a super cozy café and bar that locals visit every day. The café has a relaxed atmosphere. It reminisces about the 50 and the golden age of music as you are greeted with ABBA posters. Complete your time travel when you sit on the vintage sofas in the cafe.

Vegan spots

Six “Plantedrengene” (Plantboys) opened Baka D’busk in 2018. They include chefs, blacksmiths, media producers, and visual artists all in one spot.

Here, all of your six senses will be satisfied. The menu offers local produce that introduces you to various tastes and textures. 

Tender Meat

Do you agree that autumn food should be rustic and flavorful? At Bienvenue, Brasserie Prins, near Vesterport station, serves unconventional but tasty French cuisine. 

Can you take Roasted calf brain? Or devour a tender rabbit ballotine with liver and tarragon?


We all know that Copenhagen is in the south of Italy. And Italy is known for its authentic pizza.

Corsa makes superb Neapolitan pizzas, and the trip is not over until you’ve been to Corsa and eaten pizza. It will be one with a big piece of Burrata on top and an Italian beer on the side.

Can you imagine yourself sitting at the base of Mount Etna and eating an authentic pizza from Corsa Pizza on a sunny day?

Places For Other Activities

Your stay in Copenhagen is incomplete if you don’t try other things! Make your visit a full-circle experience.

Amusement Park

Bakken, the oldest free amusement park in the world, is in the woods next to the deer park Dyrehaven, just 10 minutes north of Copenhagen. 

Rides and games are a great way to spend a day. The park has roller coasters, games for the whole family, and fun things for kids. It has 32 rides for thrill-seekers of all ages and skill levels and 78 other things to do.

The oldest ride you can ride today is a wooden rollercoaster that is 82 years old.

Swimming at Beaches

Summer in Copenhagen is great, and nothing beats the feeling of diving into fresh waters.

  • Do you want to swim first thing in the morning? At Svanemøllen, there’s a beach and a pier where you can jump straight in the water. 
  • But do you remember the first time you learned to swim? Hornbaek beach can remind you of summers past as a kid and getting popsicles from the kiosk.

Ride a Boat

Did you know? Copenhagen’s best activity in spring is boating and enjoying the daylight. Starting in Nyhavn, where the famous colorful row houses line the canal. Then head to the hipster place, Vesterbro. 

Are you ready to pack up?

If you are ready to visit the city, keep up with the latest information online. Copenhagen hosts many international tour events, so you will never pass up this once-in-a-lifetime experience with the easy-to-love city of Copenhagen.

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