Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Slams Gubernatorial Candidate Over Border—and He’s Right – Opinion

Only the Biden administration can end the crisis at the border with some grit, a few strokes of the pen. Arizona Governor. Doug Ducey, along with other conservative leaders, have tirelessly worked within the legal limits to ensure that the border is secure as much as they can.

It’s largely a federal, not a state, issue, yet Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is a frequent critic of the incumbent, who cannot run again due to term limits. On “The Morning Ritual with Garrett Lewis” last week, she said Ducey “hasn’t been strong enough on the border,” The Arizona Republic reported.

When she attacked her primary opponent Karrin Taylor Robson back in April by calling her “Doug Ducey in a dress,” she took a sideswipe at Ducey at her expense, I noted in The Washington Examiner at the time.

“If we want the same policies, nasty letters being written to Joe Biden saying please protect us, that’s your gal,” Lake said.

Ducey retorted while speaking to Arizona Republic.

“She’s a candidate,” he told the outlet. “She’s making things up.” He later added:

“I know the border. We’re doing everything possible under the law and with resources at the border.


There’s no one out there that has a more comprehensive plan than the one we’re already executing in Arizona, the one that was rolled out, in addition, in the State of the State (speech).”

Lake may be adamant about tougher border policies. But many of the suggestions she made would lead to a lot of legal troubles for the state.

According to The Arizona Republic, Lake has suggested declaring an invasion at the border in order give the state much more power, which the newspaper describes as an “untested legal strategy.” In addition, she has suggested bombing tunnels that cartels may use, and essentially ignoring the existence of the federal government in order to finish the wall and secure the border.

“I don’t care what Joe Biden says, he’s an illegitimate president, and if he wants to try to stop us, then he can come down here and try to stop us,” Lake said, according to the Republic.

What is important here is not how these policies might help to end crisis?

Here’s the problem: The role of the state government is limited when it comes to border security, and skirting the federal government is not going to change that. It will make matters worse, and it could result in retaliatory action against Arizona.

It would be an unstoppable legal circus where aggressive state policies will get thrown out of court. The legal circus would only distract us from real and legal actions to secure the border. Lake must meet Ducey, Texas Governor on the first day if she is elected governor. Greg Abbott to build off of their strategies, like the American Governor’s Border Strike Force, Operation Lone Star, and building a border wall where the state is legally allowed to do so.

It is possible for a candidate to visit the border multiple times. However, it would be pointless to summon someone who appears to have exhausted every option available at the state level.

Lake seems to be making fiery promises and using passionate rhetoric to get campaign support.

Ducey, who was PJ Media’s chief of staff last month, spoke to me about the border crisis and he gave me a great deal of detail. The states are limited in their ability to do more than the federal government can, so governors and congressional Republicans as well as the judiciary must continue holding the Biden administration responsible.

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