Are Progressives Hoping the FBI Raid on Trump Will Incite Right-Wing Violence? – Opinion

Are the left preparing for war? If one looks at the wave of reports and op-eds suggesting conservatives are going to take up arms in response to the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s home, they could not be blamed for coming to that conclusion.

In an attempt to avoid a devastating defeat for Democrats, activists media appear to have attempted to exploit the raid to favor their allies in Congress. Their reporting appears to have been designed to cast preemptively blame high-profile conservatives on the media for violence if they do.

Atlantic published a piece noting that “MAGA-world denizens have called for violence and civil war.” As proof, the author pointed to users on social media platform Truth Social, one of which wrote, “F*ck a civil war, give them a REVOLUTION. We out number all of the 10 to 1.”

The article also brings up another random user who wrote: “It certainly feels like they’re treating it as a hot civil war. When this is all said and done, the people responsible for these tyrannical actions need to be hanged.”

The author knew that he wouldn’t be able make much out of random people on social media so he turned to conservative pundits in order to prove his point. He wrote this:

The Gateway Pundit, a pro-Trump outlet, wrote “This. Means. War”—which was “quickly amplified by a Telegram account connected to Stephen K. Bannon, Mr. Trump’s onetime political adviser,” according to The New York Times. Bannon called the FBI “the Gestapo” and said, “We need to choke down the FBI and choke down the Justice Department.” Another former Trump adviser, Michael Caputo, said, “With this militant raid on President Trump’s home, we have become Russia. The FBI is the KGB.” And Fox’s Dan Bongino called the FBI’s action “some third-world bullshit.”

The are not to be underestimated New York TimesA similar article was published in which author quoted Steven Crowder, a conservative pundit.

The Washington Post’sDana Milbank can be relied upon for asinine takes and has written an opinion piece in which he repeated the same points. “I would like nothing more than to be wrong about this. But the reckless response by the GOP-Fox News axis to the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago makes it feel as though we’re falling into the abyss,” he wrote.

He continued:

Political and opinion leaders are needed to maintain calm in these unstable times. Instead, Fox News and other conservative outlets exploded with talk of “war” and “assassination,” an “attack” on the country and Trump supporters, and calls for revenge against a “corrupt” American “KGB.” Elected Republicans erupted in cries about the “weaponized politicization” done by a Democratic “Gestapo” and a “tyrannical FBI,” and about the need to “make sure these tyrants pay the price.” They called for retribution: “Destroy the FBI.” “No one is safe.” “You’re next.” “They’re coming for YOU.”

Milbank didn’t list any, of course. ActualViolence is a common response. It is obvious why.

It’s because no high-profile conservative influencers are pushing for violence or “civil war.”

Our once-vaunted Fourth Estate seems determined to blame anyone who might be a victim of violence on Crowder and Bongino. It is possible for some nuts to commit violent acts as a response to raid.

Of course it’s possible. You can do anything.

However, this doesn’t mean they are not responsible. The overwhelming majority of conservatives oppose these actions. This is evident by the torrent of condemnation that erupted right after the January 6th riot at U.S. Capitol Building.

Conservatives, unlike the left, which has many notable figures who either justified or covered up the waves of violence following the murder of George Floyd are not willing to sign any bloodshed that is perpetrated and condoned by right-leaning people.

This is what we know, but how do we get there? It’s about the midterms. People are not turning against Trump, or Republican politicians at the hearings on Jan. 6. Democrats are not able to find much else. Their activist media comrades will try to make the FBI raid work for them. What else are they left with?

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