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The bottom line: I couldn’t pass this up. Because of several factors. First, while it’s no surprise that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is the unanimous (only she votes) lifetime president of her own fan club. But tweeting a gushy “thank you” message Self-care on her birthday drips with NYC moxie — even for AOC.

Second, and a bit personal, today — October 13 — is yours truly’s birthday, as well. How do I handle this bit of information? Let’s just say I’m “processing” it. My birthday was October 13, which is a little earlier than the darling socialists all over.

Hilariously, AOC’s “Happy birthday to our fearless leader” tweet from her “staff” (wink-wink) — was from her own Twitter account. Yes, that was indeed her staff. You can check it out.

Our fearless leader Rep. AOC, Happy Birthday!Happy birthday to Rep. AOC, our fearless leader! 🥳

We are grateful to you for being a shining example of what it means for communities to be present every day and for always suggesting bold solutions for protecting the least fortunate.

Solidarity and service are the foundation of our existence
Staff from NY-14 and DC

Among those “boldest solutions” is AOC’s insane Green New Deal, a delusional progressive’s veritable wish-list, which includes the elimination of all fossil-fuel energy production; the end of all nuclear power; the phase-out of all “combustion-engine vehicles” — so trucks, airplanes, boats, and 99 percent of cars, and the “retrofitting” of every home, factory, and apartment building in the country. However, I digress.

“Every single day” meaning, when she’s not glued to Instagram doing her ridiculous dog and pony show for her multitudinous fan club — and herself.

On her birthday last year, our intrepid “Alex from the Bronx” tweeted about her gratefulness for the support, love, friendships, and communities “we’ve made together.”

So, what’s changed, over the last year?

One thing, for certain: AOC’s “I am (Socialist) woman, hear me roar” image of herself is even worse, undoubtedly buoyed by the fear of God she and her fellow Squad members strike in the hearts of Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and the rest of the pathetic Democrat Party. CNN reported that Ocasio-Cortez is open to challenging Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader, in the 2022 midterm elections.

What is Hubris? For sure. You are guaranteedHubris? Heh.

Wouldn’t you feel the same way if you were a 32-year-old, erstwhile bartender who scares the ever-loving hell out of the Democrat Party — with every member ruing the day they might dare to cross you?

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