AOC Suggests January 6th Was an Inside Job in Deranged, Self-Absorbed Rant – Opinion

After being heckled on Capitol Steps the night prior, Rep. Alexandria OcasioCortez is making news all day Thursday.

As I wrote in my original write-up, a comedian filmed himself joking about AOC being his “favorite big booty Latina,” setting off a firestorm as her online simps jumped to attention to defend her. AOC grumbled, suggesting she should have been taken into custody, but just days earlier, AOC made fun of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and supported public harassment against Republican officials.

AOC didn’t stop there. After ranting about how horrible it is that she was targeted for ridicule in public, she then took to social media again to suggest that the USCP didn’t handle the comedian because January 6th was an inside job. No, I’m not kidding.

I know some reading this right now are thinking “well, it was an inside job.” But understand that AOC isn’t talking about the theory that FBI agents opened the doors of the Capitol in order to confuse and entrap the protesters who showed up on January 6th. Rather, she’s suggesting that the USCP aided the events of January 6th because They are the ones who will be able to do it.I agreed with the goal and wished to overthrow government.

That makes absolutely no sense. Nancy Pelosi is very strict in her control of the USCP. Many officers present at that time have gone on to become resistance heroes. There is zero evidence nor reason to believe that USCP officers were “supporting insurrectionists.”

That wasn’t the end of it, though. AOC’s hysterical outburst continued into Thursday afternoon. She chose to pursue the US Capitol Police because they were not performing her wishes. Nick Arama (my colleague) said that after the USCP released a statement, it was clear that AOC had not broken any laws, and thus, no action could be taken against him. AOC is insisting that he should have been dealt. Again, this is the same person who, just days ago, told public officials who get heckled and harassed in public to “eat cake,” as she mocked their plight. When it happens to her, it’s a different story, though.

AOC can be described as an emotional child. An average five year old has greater emotional maturity levels than this woman. That she’s able to keep a straight face as she descends into abject hypocrisy, always playing the victim, is actually remarkable. There’s got to be some kind of pathology that defines people who behave this way. She’s the most “rules for thee, but not for me” politician I’ve ever seen.

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