Anti-Free Speech Left Celebrates Dan Bongino’s YouTube Ban

The anti-free speech left is all but breaking out the champagne and party hats over YouTube’s permanent ban of Fox News host Dan Bongino.

The left appeared gleefully to celebrate YouTube’s permanent ban of conservative commentator Dan Bongino. CNN’s Reliable Sources called Bongino a “Right-wing rage performer.” Progressive group Occupy Democrats called Bongino a “lunatic” and enthusiastically asked followers to “THANK YOUTUBE FOR PUTTING THEIR FOOT DOWN!”

CNN’s Reliable Sources newsletter, in fact, flung pretty vindictive wording at Bongino after YouTube banned him: “Right-wing rage performer Dan Bongino has been permanently banned on YouTube. The social media company said Wednesday that Bongino attempted to evade a suspension and, thus, has been booted.” Reliable Sources anchor Brian Stelter has a consistent history of false assertions and questionable commentary on the show. CNN reporter Oliver Darcy, who introduced the newsletter slamming Bongino, also has an overtly liberal bias similar to Stelter’s.

Reliable Sources joined others in criticizing Bongino. Occupy Democrats, a self-described “Grassroots political organization that supports progressive Democrats,” has a verified accountFollow us on Twitter. Occupy Democrats tweeted, encouraging others to thank YouTube for banning Bongino: “BREAKING: Right-wing lunatic Dan Bongino gets hit with a permanent ban from Youtube for trying to circumvent the temporary suspension he received for spreading COVID-19 misinformation. RT TO THANK YOUTUBE FOR PUTTING THEIR FOOT DOWN!”

Individual journalists also expressed their apparent approval of YouTube’s censorship. Molly Jong Fast is a contributor writer AtlanticColumnist Vogue, tweetedVisit her verified account, “Between justice Breyer retiring and Dan Bongino getting bounced from YouTube, it’s been a pretty solid day.”

Ed Bott is a journalist in tech and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. sneered on Twitter, “‘You can’t ban me, I quit!’ screams Dan Bongino as he throws all of his toys from the pram.” Ironically, Bongino announced he was leaving YouTube before the video platform instituted the ban.

Left-leaning media outlet Mashable piled on too, posting an article on Facebook about Bongino with the comment, “He tried to evade a suspension not just once, but twice!” Mashable ended its article, “[D]Bongino will benefit from Rumble’s audience. Bongino is an investor in Rumble too.”

YouTube banned Bongino permanently from YouTube. This was allegedly due to ban evasion. Bongino’s weekday show The Dan Bongino Show has over 2 million subscribers on the Rumble video platform and had around 900,000 YouTube subscribers before the ban.

Conservatives under attack. For more information, contact Youtube hereAnd demand Big Tech to be held responsible to ensure that the First Amendment is mirrored and conservatives are treated equally. If you have been censored, contact us using CensorTrack’s Contact formPlease help us make Big Tech more accountable.

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