Another Kaepernick Documentary? America Takes New Hit From Ex-NFL Radical

Just what we don’t need: another Colin Kaepernick documentary. “Kaepernick & merica” begins Sept. 2 on streaming television. 

A Variety story says director Tommy Walker was personally captivated by the Kaepernick saga and the insights it provided about ongoing racial turmoil in the nation. The documentary explores “the intersection between his protest in the summer of 2016 and the widespread reactions they spurred.” 

Walker stated, “The film we have made seeks to discover the parallels between the life and activism of Colin Kaepernick and the tumultuous and divisive factors that have colored America’s racial divide.” 

A review of the documentary by Creators Faire describes the year 2016 as a time when “a discordant national cauldron” was ready to boil over. It included “the birth of Trumpism”, as well. “Then, Colin Kaepernick took a knee and America lost its mind. Kaep’s knee touched down on the divide between America’s Black and white tectonic plates, creating an earthquake in the eternal race debate. The aftershocks of his singular gesture have already rippled through our country for years.” 
Though Kaepernick’s radical anti-Americanism as a member of the San Francisco 49ers ignited a social justice revolution in sports, Walker tries to convince people that his America-hating “actually reveals more about America, the land that reacted so profoundly to such a simple gesture.” 

Kaepernick’s national anthem and verbal protests supposedly presented a racist America in a mirror and millions of people didn’t like what they saw. “The young man stood his ground in the face of the brutal backlash, continuing his protest for 20 consecutive weeks,” Walker said. “Somehow, with his right knee on the field and his arms passively crossed in front of him, he managed to point a finger at injustice without saying a word.” 

It’s outrageous to claim Kaepernick didn’t say a word. He made many inflamatory remarks during 2016! 

I will not stand for pride and salute a flag that is used to represent a country that has oppressed blacks and other people of color. For me, it is much more important than football. It would be selfish of me to just look on the sidelines. You can see bodies everywhere, as well as people taking paid leave to commit murder. 

This is the man who wore a Fidel Castro shirt to a Miami press conference. Many fans were turned away by the social justice outbreaks that followed. He was an NFL quarterback who was in decline, and had a poor career record. No team wanted to take him back. 

The “Kaepernick & America” documentary does not appear to offer much in the way of political or cultural balance. You will hear conversations from Don Lemon (CNN), Pam Oliver (NFL sideline reporter) and Steve Wyche (NFL Network reporter), who give Kaepernick microphones to spew their accusations about “systemic racism” in America. 

All this bile will be viewable on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV via iTunes, along with AT&T, Charter, Comcast, Dish and Verizon Fios. 

A past Kaepernick documentary, Netflix’s “Colin Kaepernick in Black and White,” presented the NFL draft as a “slave auction” — the same NFL he wants to return to! America, as a racist nation.  

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