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You can see that Attorney General Merrick Grland needed to crack down on parents protesting and attending school board meetings. They are spreading untreated venereal diseases throughout the country, making them almost like a plague.

We now have domestic terrorists making a big problem in Anchorage (AK). Like all state meetings, the Anchorage Assembly had a secret meeting with its good comrades. At that meeting the Assembly did what their betters had asked: it passed a mask ordinance for all of Anchorage. ProtectCOVID-19 can be used to manage the population. Anchorage, the State of Alaska’s biggest city, must be emulated.

These agitators are still causing trouble, as reported in a local newspaper of disinformation.

Suzanne LaFrance, Chair of Anchorage Assembly, lost control over the public hearing on the forced masking in Anchorage. The proceeding continued Thursday night.

After passing a rule prohibiting Assemblywoman Jamie Allard, Mayor Dave Bronson and any other testifiers from answering their questions, she got off to a bad start with the crowd. She called their questions dilatory — a delay tactic.

After seeing an Assembly action that was perceived as hostile, the crowd reacted by going into resistance.

It is hard to believe that Seward purchased this unethical territory from Russia. It is obvious that anyone who is able to endure extreme temperatures are brain-addled. This has already been manifesting itself.

They came to the mic to testify, and when they didn’t use all of their three minutes allowed, they stood there and stared until the clock ran out.

One child spoke at the mic for a minute, talking about how hard it is for her and her friends to be constantly masked, and then the child stood silently, until someone in the audience started whistling “Glory! Glory! Hallelujah,” and soon most of the audience was singing along.

The audio-visual worker running the Assembly’s YouTube channel for the public cut the sound, but the singing continued until the child’s three minutes had finished. The audience cheered.

Glory! Glory! HallelujahYou are a racist? For this, they had to go deep within their racism roots. The Battle Hymn of the Republic—typical.

While our comrades tried for several weeks to have this ordinance approved and enacted into law, these terrorists keep coming back! We need to get Australia’s tactics into play here—these people should not even be allowed to leave their houses.

The crowd broke out in full singing the song later, when the speaker was still speaking. National AnthemLaFrance was able to see Assemblyman Felix Rivera as she leaned in front of her. She wasn’t able to bang on the spokes during the hearing. National Anthem, but she didn’t face or listen to the crowd.


Domestic terrorists kept up their dilatory tactics and even tried singing. The Star Spangled Banner—and they actually knew all the lyrics! This is a sign they’re dangerous.

It’s been six nights of testimony and the people still come, night after night in an attempt to keep testifying in order to delay the vote on the law that the Assembly seeks to pass that would force all of Anchorage into masks. Following a close-knit meeting in September at which the Assembly majority presented the ordinance to the agenda, it is currently being considered.

Anchorage Assembly Crowd protests and breaks into song the National Anthem. Credit: Screenshot/MustReadAlaska YouTube


LaChance has used all of the maneuvers in which she’s been instructed, but it only appears to further embolden them! And getting children involved? They are teaching children what this state is doing. Flag waving is just plain offensive. These racist roots are back.

On Thursday night, after LaFrance muzzled the mayor and Allard, the mayor dismissed the security guards and Adam Trombley, director of the city’s economic and community development department, walked out to the podium and removed the Plexiglas barricade, to the cheering of the public.

LaFrance attempted to change the location of Friday’s Assembly meeting so that it would start at 9 AM on Friday. There are only about 40 people who can fit in the Assembly room at City Hall. After it was revealed that the attempt to hide what was happening was a ruse, this failed.

“It really does appear that we are trying to exclude public testimony,” said Assemblywoman Jamie Allard.

Jamie Allard must be re-educated. Allowing public testimony will only lead to chaos across the country. We cannot control chaos and we can’t tolerate it. Allard also rebutted her fellow colleague’s claim that it was not a health emergency. She must be removed once we have domestic terrorists under control.

The Assembly decided to compromise, and the hearing will continue at 3:00 pm Friday. Public hearings cannot close earlier than 6 pm. Meeting ends at 10 pm. Meeting will be held in Loussac Library, in the Assembly chambers.

We wouldn’t be facing these issues if the mayor was weak enough to lock down the city. This talk about freedom and liberty and this expectation that the rabble will have any input in these matters is absurd.

We wish AG Garland success in his endeavors. It is not yet possible to have a stable, healthy and safe society. This is for the benefit of our nation.

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