All You Need to Know About Press Release Distribution

At some point, all businesses need public exposure. You have to generate awareness and interest in your project. This is why companies have a PR team. It is their job to create and foster good public relations. It is more than just protecting an image, though, and it is also about developing a connection with the broader community. By doing this, your PR team can put out public information about different aspects of the business that need public reception. This could be for the sales of a new product, to find backers for a project or research, or to build your brand’s credibility based on public image. 

In this regard, you need to make sure that you’re writing compelling press releases that journalists, news teams, influencers, and other media outlets want to use in the publication. 

Here are some notes on what you need to know about press release distribution. From what it is to how to use it to your benefit. We will provide you with information on how to create a newsworthy press release that will help you to raise brand awareness and have journalists and the like latching onto your story.  

  • What is a press release distribution? 
  • Why is it important? 
  • What are the benefits of distribution? 
  • How to distribute a press release? 
  • How to format for distribution?
  • What common mistakes to avoid when distributing a press release?
  • Should you hire a PR team and distribution services?

What Is Press Release Distribution? 

A press release is an official statement of newsworthy information that is sent to various media outlets for publication. Usually, its purpose is to inform the public of an event, product launch, project, research, manage image, or any other major occurrence. 

The reason for sending it to outside media outlets is to get your release in front of as much of your target audience as possible. You should publish on your platform. However, to generate the numbers to make an impact with your story, you need to reach a wider audience. See here for more information on how press release distribution works. That means getting it on radio, tv, newspaper, online news outlets, and other social platforms. 

Why Is It Important?  

By now, I’m sure you’re aware that the purpose of a press release is to generate traffic, get your information out there, and overall create a better public image.

However, another reason why it’s important to distribute a press release is its general cost-effectiveness. This is a way to get you in front of hundreds or thousands of people on various media platforms. The more newsworthy your story, the more the media will want to pick it up and put it out for publication. In the long-term, it can help you to save in terms of a PR and advertising budget. In this way, you can use that budget to cover other matters of your business or project. 

What Are The Benefits Of Distribution?

Getting featured by the most trustworthy news sources is an instant boost to your aim. It puts you in front of an audience that may otherwise not have known about your existence. This is why you need to make sure that you’re putting out the most newsworthy information. You want to use and benefit from this marketing tool as much as possible. 

Here are distinct advantages to distributing a press release:

1. It improves your search optimization. A press release can get you higher SEO ratings which trigger the algorithm to include your website. This means that it will appear higher in search engines and on engagement platforms. On ordinary people don’t go beyond the first two pages in search engines. Appearing on these two pages will increase the chances of your page being clicked. 

2. It is much more cost-effective than other marketing and advertising measures. Over time creating a good relationship with the various publication platforms, you can negotiate a better offer than is suitable for your budget. It is also good to hire a PR agency to help you get the best value.  

3. Press releases are a form of presentation. Allows you to present the image that you would like to be your public persona. Creating your vision rather than having it made for you gives your control over how you’re perceived. 

4. It also allows you to send a positive message. Your message is the next important thing that will communicate what your brand is all about outside of your image. Being able to convey your message the way you want to is always a benefit to you. 

5. It increases your community presence. Putting your valuable information out into the public regularly helps you to be visible in the information community. People will start to look forward to your press releases. It will make them feel that you are active in your work and actively adding to the community by the value that you offer regularly.  

How to distribute a press release?

You’ve written your press release and now need to get it in front of an audience. This is where distribution comes into play. You have to share your story with as many journalists and outlets as you can. 

However, sharing it with a large number still doesn’t guarantee that they will pick up your story. You have to get them to choose yours from the hundreds they receive. For the most part, they have a quota to fill, and it has to be the highest quality content. So how do you get yours in front of the right people? Here are a few steps to follow: 

1. Find A Journalist That Has Written About Your Niche Previously

A journalist that has written about your topic before is more likely to want to investigate your story. They will have a connection to it. If it is something new than what they’ve previously written about, they will be more interested in reviewing your story. This is why you want to make sure that your story is compelling and well written. To find the right person for you to do your research. Look into journalists that work for publications that focus on or cover your specific niche. Usually, their contact information is provided, making it easier to send over your material. 

2. Get Straight To The Point

When drafting your email, make sure that you get to the meat and bones as to why you are contacting them. Tell them what you are doing and why they should publish your press release. Journalists have a lot of material to cover and don’t have time to fish around your email for information. Put it in a way that your message is delivered clearly without preamble. Show them that you respect their time and value the importance of their work. 

3. Craft A Winning Headline

Your headline will be the things that get their attention. Make sure it is short and sweet but informative. It should also be unique. Even if the story is the same as others, it should be worded as if it’s something new and exciting. If there is anything about your release that has not been seen or done before, make sure to put it out there. Adding it into your headline can increase its chances of being chosen.  

4. Follow Up On Your Press Release

Follow up on your press release to find out whether it will be published. As mentioned, journalists receive a lot of emails each day. They simply might not see yours. Following up reminds them that you’re there and worth taking a look at. It also helps you. If they choose not to publish, you can start planning on where else to send it. You need the coverage, so you have to do the footwork. A follow-up is excellent for both parties as it refreshes information and interest in the mind. Remember not to be too pushy and keep the communication polite and professional. 

How To Format For Distribution?

You should be mindful of how you format your press release as it can affect whether the outlets you have distributed to will publish it. Check out the format guidelines below:

  • Headline (Should be Attention Grabbing): Your headline should pull the audience and tell your story at a glance.
  • Intro: This part answers the 5 W’s and gets your audience pulled in so that they read the rest.  
  • Body: Clarifies the information from your intro in a concise but informative manner. 
  • Subtext: This part tells a bit about your company, who you are, what you do,f and your company message. 
  • Contact: This should be the name and contact of the person from your communications team who is leading the press release. 

What Common Mistakes To Avoid When Distributing A Press Release? 

Mistakes happen, but you want to avoid them as much as possible. These are the top three mistakes to avoid when distributing a press release: 

1. Your Release Is Too Wordy And Long

Publications want to put out engaging content. They are aware the readers will quickly leave a piece if it is too long, is too wordy, or using overly complicated language. Not making your content reader-friendly can quickly lose you a publication opportunity. Avoid writing for yourself, but instead, use a writing style that will appeal to a broader audience.  

2. A Press Release That Isn’t Newsworthy

While you want to sell yourself to journalists and subsequently to their audience, you have to make sure that you are giving them newsworthy content. Journalists want to publish work that Their audience will truly enjoy. Avoid writing in a way that is too promotional. Doing this will make journalists think you have no value to impart to them or to their readers. A non-newsworthy press release with no value will quickly find this way in the trash.

3. You’re Going After The Wrong Publications, Platforms, Or Influencers

When releasing a press release, you want to get it in front of as many people as possible. However, in doing this, you can find yourself going after the wrong Publications, platforms, or influencers. Avoid casting your net too wide. Going after Outlets that have no prior connection to your niche market can result in time wasted. You won’t get published, and more likely than not, your press release will go unnoticed if sent to the wrong people.

Should You Hire A Pr Team And Distribution Services?

You’ve gone through all of the information and done a lot of research on press release distribution and how to write a press release. However, you’re now wondering if you should hire a PR team or distribution service. There is no right or wrong answer to this. Some people prefer to write and distribute their press releases there an internal team on a small scale, while others prefer to contract outside help. Whether or not you should hire one of these services depends on several factors—for example, skillset, time, budget, and peace of mind.

It is important to note that these services are incredibly beneficial and can remove the stress and worry of doing it correctly. They have specialized knowledge in the area and can assure you that you are getting the most out of your press release. It is their job to make sure that it is done correctly and gets in front of the right people so that publication is a success. Take a look at the various services out there to see if they are a right fit for you or if you need the services at all. 

There is always a benefit to getting help. You need to create a press release and use this information guide to help in the process. The whole purpose of distribution is to get your press lease in front of as many people as possible on as many platforms as possible. No one will know about you if you don’t put the information out there. Be wise when choosing what you share and when. Also, always remember to think about the newsworthy factor. 

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