All Hell Breaks Loose After Bette Midler Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot Over Baby Formula Crisis – Opinion

The baby formula shortage in this country is real, and as we’ve previously reported, the Biden White House unsurprisingly has been caught disturbingly flatfooted in response to the crisis. Infuriated parents with babies across America discovered this week that baby formula pallets were found near the border. This is a sharp contrast to what one finds in the aisles at drug and grocery stores throughout the country.

Because this situation makes the Biden administration look even more incompetent with each passing day that there’s a shortage, The Usual Suspects are trying to rush to the rescue in blaming everyone but Biden’s ongoing supply chain crisis for the fact that some women are having to drive hundreds of miles to (hopefully) find baby formula for their children.

One such media figure was MSDNC’s Stephanie Ruhle, one of the network’s leading Democrat apologists, who took to the Twitter machine to blame “an amazing secret oligopoly” and “hugely restrictive regulations” for the crisis.

In response to Ruhle’s tweet, hacktress Bette Midler weighed in with a hot take that she probably now regrets posting. “TRY BREASTFEEDING!” she exclaimed. “It’s free and available on demand”:

Think about opening your mouth to insert your foot.

A mother might choose to breastfeed or use baby formula for a variety of reasons, according to a few of the women who were criticized by Midler.

Even some in Bette’s own “woke” fanbase took her to task:

Then there was this.

As it turns out, “learning before tweeting” and “having some compassion” on Twitter are also in short supply in this country, especially when it comes to elitist, out of touch celebrities with way too much time on their hands.

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