Ocasio-Cortez Mocked for Flubbing Claim About FDR: ‘Instant Classic’

“They had to amend the Constitution of the United States to make sure Roosevelt did not get reelected.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., misspoke about the reason for presidential term limits during a Friday town hall event.

In an attempt to criticize Republicans of the time period, Ocasio-Cortez said they enacted term limits to prevent former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt from being re-elected.


“They had to amend the Constitution of the United States to make sure Roosevelt did not get reelected,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

The statement received immediate backlash on social media, with many observers pointing out that the constitutional amendment Ocasio-Cortez was referring to was passed in 1947, three years after FDR died while still in office.

Taking to Twitter after the New York Democrat made her remarks, Fox News contributor Guy Benson called the comments an “instant classic”.

Rudy Giuliani said the remarks showed Ocasio-Cortez was “clueless.”

Another user argued that even if FDR were alive at the time, the amendment would not have applied to him.

National Review editor Charles C. W. Cooke pointed out that amending the constitution takes a super majority to do, something that would be virtually impossible considering it would require supporters of the person seeking re-election to be on board.


This isn’t the first time Ocasio-Cortez has been in the spotlight for her tenuous relationship with the truth. A CNN article published in January casually fact-checked a dubious claim she made about climate change. Ocasio-Cortez, CNN noted, earnestly declared in an interview that “the world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change.”

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