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Louis was my great uncle. He lived to be 108. Despite an ailing body (he made it past 100—hello?!He was a sharp thinker, a sharp witter, and a strong believer until his final journey to Heaven. I was able to see Great Uncle Louis (unlike my grandma Annie Belle Simmons Foxx) and visit him quite a few times just before he passed away. That dispensation has given me strength and wisdom, which means that I am as strong and as wise as my Grandma Annie Belle Simmons Foxx, and I also live twice as long as him.

This week’s Feel-Good Friday helped to strike that family chord and brought my dear Great Uncle to mind.

Dorothy Nedd, a Philadelphia centenarian, turned 100 this week 106. Wow. You can’t say more. She has experienced wars and racial discrimination and deaths. Yet, she continues living and enjoys the ride. Like my Great Uncle Louis, she’s sharp in her mind and wit. I was able to smile just by watching her.

It is possible Mrs. Nedd does this to everyone.

Local Fox News affiliate

Dorothy Nedd (a South Philadelphia resident) turned 106 years old on Friday. She credited her faith and her love for McDonald’s Big Mac for her longevity.

“I feel fine,” Dorothy told FOX 29’s Marcus Espinoza after being asked how she was feeling on this most special of days.

The great-grandmother of 9 and great-great-grandmother of 1 also says she was looking her best on her birthday.

Dorothy Nedd is 106 and credits his long life with her success in spite of a loss-filled world.

“Serving the Lord!” said Nedd.

Mrs. Nedd attended Friendship Baptist Church every Sunday, and after church, Mrs. Nedd would make a visit to her local McDonald’s and partake of her favorite sandwich. Mrs. Nedd’s granddaughter Zulema remembered those times fondly, and is now her grandmother’s primary caregiver.

Granddaughter Zulema takes care of her now at her mother’s house, not that she needs much to be taken care of, though she admits it’s been hard on her grandma during the pandemic.

Family members would visit the Matriarch every Friday. However, due to the pandemic the families didn’t wish to do any damage, so they now see her via FaceTime.

Mrs. Nedd told Fox 29 what she wanted for her birthday was, “Sweet living!”

That is a sweet thing, and it seems that Mrs. Nedd has already experienced that joy. Dorothy Nedd seems to have enough motivation to go on for another year knowing her purpose and whereabouts in the world, thanks to Jesus’ relationship and her rich connections to her family.

Louis, my great uncle, lived a happy life. However, we have the same faith and hope to see each other again at the Sweet Bye and Bye.

Louis Dukes, as a young man (Right-leaning suit) in his 108th anniversary year.

My Grandfather Joe Henry Foxx, my grandfather and great uncle Louis Dukes were pictured with their wives. (Credit: Jennifer Oliver O’Connell.)


Louis Dukes, the Great Uncle at 108. (Credit: Jennifer Oliver O’Connell.)

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