4 Very Simple Tips To Choose Interior Paint Colors

Choosing the very best interior paint colors is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, you should start with the colors that you truly love. This allows you to stick to color schemes that are perfect for your space as opposed to those that are preferred by others.

One thing you might not know is that professional interior designers always ask clients what their favorite colors are. This is because one of the best interior design tips out there is to use this color as the base. Then, you can easily create a perfect color scheme right around it. Besides this, you can always take into account the following great and simple tips to easily choose the best interior paint colors for you.

Look For Some Paint Color Inspiration

Let’s say you want to bring some color into your kitchen. Where do you find the inspiration to do that? The simplest answer is to look in catalogs and magazines. There are thousands of such resources available for free on the internet right now.

Paint company sites always show you different ways to beautifully use color inside your home. The retailer sites present room vignettes. On social media, you can always visit Instagram and Pinterest for more color inspiration.

Take Color Theory Into Account

Color theory is complicated but you do not have to study it to get some ideas. All you have to do is to use a color wheel. There are several ones available online and they help you to quickly generate color scheme ideas. You just turn the color wheel and see the colors that easily relate. This gives you knowledge about the basics of color theory. You will definitely not use the exact colors that you see when you use the wheel but you can choose some shades that would look great.

Seriously Consider Neutral Paint Colors

It is a shame to see neutral paint colors being neglected since with a little bit of creativity, they can be incredible. The big misconception is that you have to be really laid-back when using neutral shades. In reality, you can easily rev up the neutral palette.

For instance, you can have neutral colors for striped walls. This creates style and still maintains the feeling of a relaxed environment. The neutral wall can look great when paired with a pastel ceiling. This actually adds some color and does not negatively impact the space’s vibe.

Try Darker Or Lighter Shades

In so many cases, the only thing you need is a very small adjustment so you can find the perfect interior paint color to use. This means that you should not quickly abandon the initial color choice. Try to see how darker or lighter shades would work.

Most paint colors appear on paint strips with several different gradual shades. They show you that you can ask the paint store to do some extra work and customize the color you choose. This is done through percentages of dark or light shades. Even a small difference in the shade can create a much better result.

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