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Adele from Britain has shared the first single of her fourth album. 30. The song “Easy On Me” is a plaintive ballad featuring Adele’s soulful, wistful voice with unadorned piano backing. The song’s lyrics are familiar. It is a contemplation on lost love, but it does not ask for forgiveness nor pleading for one. Musically, “Easy On Me” is Adele in complete control of her powers, her fantastic voice melding into songs expressing heartache without artificial pathos.

The full production video for the song is decidedly lower quality than the song itself, relying on hackneyed imagery that adds nothing to the song’s emotional impact.

What has Adele done in six years since her 2015 25-year anniversary album? She married and divorced the father of her son, lost a lot of weight, and while not wholly hiding from the world, was anything but pandering to the pop culture scene seeking its attention. When you’ve sold over 58 million albums, you don’t need a significant TikTok presence to garner attention.

Adele is able to tap into the vast majority of people’s psyches when she speaks about the consequences of a lost love. This rare feat has been achieved by Adele. Even a curmudgeonly blues and rock’n’roll aficionado such as myself has found few songs about the aftermath of a failed relationship more poignant than “Someone Like You.”

It doesn’t matter what your musical preferences are, you have to acknowledge that Adele has a unique influence on popular music. Target and Walmart have been giddy about acquiring exclusive CDs or vinyl copies of the album in an era where physical product sales are declining. As part of maintaining fluency in pop culture vernacular to better present conservative thoughts and truths, knowing Adele’s new album will be hitting the shelves and streaming sites on November 19th isn’t a bad thing to know.

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