Adam Kinzinger Proves Just How Much Tucker Carlson Has Broken Him – Opinion

Never Trump politicians like Rep. Adam Kinzinger (RINO-IL) seem to have a common problem — they’re not the brightest bulbs in the shop and they have difficulty being honest about the facts. This may explain why they are in the position they do.

Kinzinger came out with a comment about Tucker Carlson and you’ll see the immediate problem with it.

“Now that we have seen evidence of mass graves in Ukraine, and pictures of the atrocities against civilians, We should demand @TuckerCarlson answer for his support of this war, as well as those Congressmen who have done the same. @GOPLeader should demand accountability,” Kinzinger tweeted.

This is false. Tucker Carlson does not “support” the war. On his March 21st show Tucker Carlson condemned war, stating that he supported the Ukrainians and wanted them to expel the Russians. He had discussed whether it was our battle and how much we should participate. Perhaps there are other priorities. Kinzinger can’t understand the difference. Kinzinger, like he is generally, is wrong.

But second, so what if he did “support” it? We don’t go after people for “wrong think” in this country. If we did, we’d be like Vladimir Putin and Russia. That’s what Kinzinger is advocating — that the government go after private citizens — a member of the media even — and demand he act in political compliance with what Kinzinger says. Even members of Congress that disagree with him need to be punished because they are not in the same narrative. You can’t get any more Putinian and fascist than this. Is that freedom of speech? Isn’t that suppressing the media? This is a failure on Kinzinger’s part to understand his role as a member of Congress and the Constitution that he allegedly swore to uphold. Kinzinger does not want America.

This is the same guy who Tucker invited on his show to give him the chance to say his piece but Kinzinger wimped out because he couldn’t handle the action. He was sure he’d be sliced and diced.

Kinzinger talks about Carlson’s comments about the Russia-Ukraine war. But Kinzinger has been a font for false information about the war — he seems to fall for every fake meme or story.

Kinzinger was a victim of the internet joke about Sam Hyde. Sam Hyde, regardless of what the circumstance may be, is always either the shooter or suspect. In reality, Hyde is a comedian who isn’t a shooter, a murderer, or the “Ghost of Kyiv.”

It’s never Sam Hyde, just like it’s never lupus.

This picture was shared by Kinzinger. Except that it’s from 2016 and not related to this war.

Kinzinger should stop following others and check his own misinformation. That would take self-reflection. Kinzinger appears to be lacking in that.

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