Accutron: The Watch that Shaped Culture

Bulova’s Accutron watch began as just that: a watch.  However, over time, it became the impetus for vast cultural influence, resulting in an inspiring legacy. 

Accutron’s story began in 1960, when the model was first released.  At the time, Accutron was the world’s first and most advanced electronic watch.  It enjoyed improved accuracy due to its electronic nature, and changed the game for watchmakers.  

Bulova released another Accutron model the following year, dubbing this watch the Spaceview.  The Spaceview was unique in its transparent appearance, which allowed people to view the inner workings of the watch.  It became an iconic accessory, gaining even further regard when celebrities like Paul Newman posed with it in photographs. 

The Spaceview’s transparent model inspired other designers and fields.  Architects implemented it in their own work, building structures that revealed foundational construction elements like plumbing.  These buildings became successful as well, further spreading Accutron’s influence.  Soon, Nike adopted the transparent model with its popular Air Max 1 shoe.  This sneaker sported a visible air bubble that allowed people to see inside the shoe.

All of these innovations had a large impact on culture, and all of them have their roots in Accutron.  Accutron also influenced space travel, aiding astronauts with its accuracy and durability.  Overall, Accutron played a key role in several aspects of history, marking it as a notable invention.

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