An overview of fashion trends in Cactus plant flea market for fashions for autumn and winter 2021-2022: the hottest fashions, styles, and information about the coming winter season, based on the fashion events in Milan, New York, London and Paris.

As September gets closer the time is now to plan how to get through the fall and winter. Fashion trends for fall and winter 2021-2022 in fact, express the dual nature of our times and conflicting emotions nostalgic for the old times and a desire for changes. The ease of wearing home clothes as well as the need to go back to the normal routine of partying and travel.

The fashion scene of fall remains unaltered in the search for comfort, with numerous designers offering you in comfortable, soft clothes. On the other hand the collections for fall 2021-2022 have many glamorous styles: sparkling pieces, mini dresses and sheer dresses.

Trend – Vests

The trend for cozy clothing began in the fall of last year, and by the time it’s over, 2021 is going to be everywhere. The vest has always been paired with the traditional preppy look ideal for students going back to college. Apart from the traditional vests, look out for models that have been deconstructed, such as 3.1 Phillip Lim, and the more oversized ones from Apiece Apart.

The latest fashions – down jackets and quilted items

In the past down jackets were a exclusive choice of polar travelers, but nowadays, the down jacket is worn by everybody even dogs. Perhaps because you can feel the lightness and how warm in it, it’s not possible to turn away it. Furthermore, in 2021, the variety of trendy down jackets will be huge!

Some of the most fashionable brands, from Chanel up to Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga to Tom Ford include trendy coats for down in their collections for winter. There are even skirts, dresses and dresses and a combination of a quilted jacket as well as down jacket.

Bold and striking colors such as dark purple from Marni as well as leopard red from Dolce & Gabbana are not the traditional black down jackets everybody is familiar with. Modern down jackets for winter 2022 can be eye-catching in neutral colors . Check for Rick Owens or Thom Browne.

The fashion for down jackets is in an embrace with the enthusiasm of fashion-conscious designers to stitch. Chanel offered a jacket with an lining that is quilted, Etro adds an intricate patchwork. Hermes just quilted his sleeves. Max Mara invites warmth in the form of a quilted jacket, and Loewe in the most fashionable quilted coat.

The latest fashions – Items made of yarn

It’s a bit odd it’s a bit odd to add in our list of most prominent CPFM trends the things that we all have and that is not possible to endure any winter. Knitwear and knitted clothes make a statement in our winter clothing.

In the context of sweater dresses. In the new cold winter season 2021-2022 they stepped up into a whole new realm that was more sophisticated and stylish, going from being practical and warm to stylish. The knit dress may be the most versatile item of 2021. It doesn’t matter if they’re tight or loose fitting and will look comfy at work as well as in a social gathering.

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