Abortion-Backing Nets Ignore NYT Report Gene Tests Wrong Up to 93%

A heartbreaking report was released on Saturday. The New York TimesIt was shown how certain prenatal tests for genetic defects, which were used in cases of abortion justification, proved to be wrong in 81-93 percent of cases. The results are near perfect. But the pro-abortion advocates in the liberal broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) didn’t want their viewers to know that terrible statistic.

And since the broadcast networks didn’t want to cover the story on their flagship newscasts, that left Fox News Channel to inform the public more broadly. “Prenatal genetic testing pushed on thousands of moms-to-be every year, but a stunning new report from The New York TimesThe results might be more wrong than expected.,America ReportsJohn Roberts, co-host of the show, announced his participation on Monday.

“Accuracy, obviously, is vital because these tests results can determine if the pregnancy is terminated or if a child is born or not,” correspondent William La Jeunesse followed up. “But turns out, as you said, The New York Times found out that many of these are wrong up to 90 percent of the time, meaning the tests show the fetus has a mutation when it doesn’t.”

And while noting that the tests are considered preliminary and that a more in-depth follow-up tests need to the done, La Jeunesse explained that sometimes results are handed out “without ever really discussing what a positive means. Only to find out some women have gotten an abortion, then to find out later that the test was wrong.”



According to The Times:

The companies have known for years that the follow-up testing doesn’t always happen. One 2014 study showed that only 6 percent patients who were positive for abortion had received another test. The same study was done in 2014. Boston Globe quoted a doctor describing three terminations following unconfirmed positive results.”

“One [geneticist]The case described an instance in which follow-up testing showed that the foetus had been found to be healthy. But by the time the results came, the patient had already ended her pregnancy,” the paper added.

Even some leftists were disturbed by the news report. On MSNBC’s Katy Tur Reports on Monday, Tur described how she “got pretty upset” after reading the report because she had undergone the screening when she was pregnant with her first son.

“So, hearing that these tests are not even correct most of the time is very frustrating for me, and I didn’t even have any issues. I can’t imagine being told my kid had some sort of problem and then finding out later all of that worry was wrong, or aborting the fetus because it was too scary,” she said with obvious frustration in her voice.

It was a devastating passage. The Times piece, they note interviewing “14 patients who got false positives [and]They described the pain as agonizing. They recalled frantically researching conditions they’d never heard of, followed by sleepless nights and days hiding their bulging bellies from friends.”

The broadcast media hyped January 6, 2006, instead of reporting on the news Monday as Fox News Channel and MSNBC had done. And ABC’s World News TonightAnd NBC Nightly News gawked at NFL player Antonio Brown’s meltdown during the Buccaneers/Jets game.

The omission of The New York Times report was made possible because of lucrative sponsorships from Nature’s Bounty on ABC, Allstate on CBS, and Liberty Mutual is on NBC. They are linked to their contact information.

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Fox News Channel’s America Reports
January 3, 2022
Eastern: 2:55 p.m.

JOHN ROBERTS. Prenatal genetic screening was performed on thousands upon thousands of pregnant women every year. However, a shocking new report has been released by The New York TimesThe results might be more wrong than expected. William La Jeunesse lives in Los Angeles. Here are the details. Expected parenthood is the most stressful thing I know. This is William.

WILLIAM LA JUNESSSE : About 35 percent, John get tested for genetic disorders. Usually, it is for Down syndrome. However, medicine now has the ability to test for more genetic conditions. Because these results may determine whether a pregnancy has been terminated, or if it is successful, accuracy is crucial.

It turns out that, contrary to what you thought, The New York TimesIt was discovered that these tests are incorrect up to 90% of the time. This means the test shows the foetus is suffering from a mutation, even though it does not.

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PAMELA FLODMAN, UCI Genetic Counseling Grand PGR Director.A number of prenatal screening tests that are non-invasive can be a valuable alternative for pregnant women. But it’s extremely important that when a test like this is offered; that the pregnant couple and their doctor have the opportunity ahead of time to decide which conditions they want screening for.

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LA JEUNESSSE [1]The p36 syndrome can lead to lifelong seizures.

Now, some doctors say, “Hey, these tests are just a preliminary and they will only be used to trigger more advanced say placenta or abiotic testing.” But critics see it as more of a marketing scam and they want the FDA to prohibit false climbs of accuracy.

Partially because all OB/GYNs aren’t familiar with the latest data, and also, John, because depending on a woman’s age or genetic history, they’ll say, “Hey, order the test” without ever really discussing what a positive means. Then, to discover that some women had an abortion and then later to realize the results were wrong. John.

ROBERTS: That’s amazing that some of these tests are wrong more than nine in ten times.

LA JEUNESSSE – Right. It is not regulated by the FDA. He said that they should, after I spoke to him as the ex-director of FDA in vitro test. We will get back to you.

ROBERTS – William La Jeunesse, Los Angeles. William, this is a shocking report. I am grateful.

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