ABC’s WNT WHINES: Republicans Keep Blocking Voting Rights!

ABC’s continued coverage on the Democratic Party’s obsession with passing its election power grab legislation was part of their reporting. World News TonightThey spent one minute, twenty-six seconds strategizing and kvetching on live TV about how they can help their Democratic Party friends pass their bill. 

Anchor David Muir started the segment lying about President Biden fighting for his freedom. “to protect voting rights in this country” before going to congressional correspondent Rachel Scott to let her bemoan Republicans “repeatedly” blocking Democrats from passing their “voting rights” legislation, which is nothing more than a federal government takeover of elections: 

Senate Republicans repeatedly prevented Democrats even from debating. Voting rightsHowever, legislation tonight. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said he had figured out how to move forward by attaching Voting rightslegislation for a different bill to be considered in the House. The Senate can now debate this bill. Voting rightsYou can do it for the first and only time. 

David Muir, clearly in panic, responded by strategizing for the next move that his friends could make. The real test will be the vote that follows a debate on the bills. He would have to get around filibuster.



Scott agreed and proceeded then to harass Democratic Senators Joe Manchin, WV and Krysten Sinema, AZ for not complying with their demands.

These two moderate democratic Democrats, Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Kyrsten Silena, are your representatives. They oppose any changes to the Senate rules. This would enable Democrats to pass and move on. Voting rightsWithout any Republican support, legislation can be passed. 

You would assume that these two liberal operatives were simply strategizing about how they could implement their agenda live on television if you didn’t know better. Unfortunately, this is not true. These were actually two objective journalists.  

Dawn, WeatherTech, Nature’s Bounty and Dawn brought you this extremely biased segment. This link will take you to their contact information so that they can be notified about bias news funds. 

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ABC World News Tonight


6.45.38 pm

DAVID MUIR : Tonight’s news is about the emerging headline here in Washington and President Biden’s struggle to defend voting rights. Today, President Biden will visit Capitol Hill. Tonight’s news is that Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer says that he has laid the groundwork for discussion on a new bill which could merge both these voting rights bills. Rachel Scott will live on the hill tonight. Rachel, Senator Schumer claims that the Senate can begin debating without having to change any Senate rules. As we all know, the threat of the filibuster has obstructed debate. How will it work?

RACHEL SOTT: David, the Senate Republicans have been repeatedly blocking Democrats from discussing voting rights legislation. But tonight, Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer claims he is now ready to move forward. This involves attaching voting legislation to another bill that’s over at the House. The Senate will now be able to debate voting rights, without having to change any existing rules.

MUIR He’d still need to avoid the filibuster.

SCOTT: Exactly, David. These two moderate democratic holdouts are Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Kyrsten Silena. They strongly oppose changing the Senate rules. This would enable Democrats to pass the voting rights legislation with no Republican opposition. Today, President Biden will travel to Capitol Hill to address the Senators and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer directly. He is still hopeful of a vote by Friday on the rule change proposals. David?

MUIR: It’s all good. Rachel, thank you. 

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