ABC’s GMA Lies About Georgia’s Voter Integrity Law, Lobbies For Biden Election Bill

On Sunday morning Good Morning AmericaThey continued to wage a smear campaign against the many election integrity bills that were passed across the country in Republican-controlled states. 

During a segment on the Biden administration’s never ending crusade to pass their election power grab legislation through Congress, Good Morning AmericaJanai Norman, weekend anchor declared the This week, Washington is a center of the voting rights fight.Before turning to ABC correspondent Alex Presha’s report on Biden’s so-called “Freedom to Vote Act”. 

Presha summarized the content of the Democrat-supported legislation and reported on how it was done. at least 19 states passed 34 laws restricting access to voting.”Presha then incorrectly reported that “Georgia now criminalizes handing out water to voters waiting in line.” 

Since Georgia’s election reform laws were passed, this has been a lie that leftist media often tell. 

As Fox News senior editor David Rutz reported back in April, the Georgia “law allows poll workers to provide self-service water from an unattended receptacle within 150 feet of a polling place, but it prohibits people from actively distributing food and drink within that distance, as well money or gifts.” 



That wasn’t all, Presha also whined that “Texas banned 24 hour drive-through voting which was originally created to provide a safe way to vote during the pandemic.” Apparently certain precautions that were taken during a once in a lifetime pandemic should be permanent according to ABC. 

If that wasn’t pathetic enough, Presha interviewed an Orlando resident and convicted felon who served eighteen months in prison for drug trafficking and let her complain that the Florida legislature wouldn’t let her vote because she hadn’t paid the “nearly $53,000, fees related to her conviction.” 

Perhaps we know why ABC is pushing so hard for felons to vote, and for the passage of the “Freedom to Vote Act”. According to their admission, there are “770,000 felons there who’ve served their time, but are denied their right to vote until their debts are cleared. It’s a population large enough to change an election.” 

The segment features an ABC reporter cheerleading the Democrat Election Powergrab Bill legislation and lying about GOP electoral integrity legislation. It was brought to your attention by OtezlaAnd Liberty Mutual. This link allows you to contact them about biased information they finance.  

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Good Morning America


8.41.01 AM

JANAI NORMAN : We are back at GMA this week and we have the fight for voting rights front and centre in Washington. It’s a topic we have heard a lot about as legislators try to come up with an agreement. This article examines the Freedom to Vote Act and its potential impact on how you vote. ABC’s Alex Presha has more. 

ALEX PRASH: A major battle is looming this morning on Capitol Hill regarding voting rights. 

PROTESTER: We want what? 

CROWD: Voting Rights!

PROTESTER – When are we ready for it?

CROWD: Now! 

PRESHA: President Biden has planned a march to the capitol in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The purpose is to press lawmakers into supporting new voting rights legislation. 

JOE BIDDEN, PRESIDENT: We should do this. Truthfully, I’m not sure. 

PRESHA: While the Senate will debate Tuesday, the bottom line remains that Democrats are having trouble advancing their legislation including the Freedom to Vote Act. This bill would establish a national standard of voting and make election day a federal holiday. It also restores voting rights for those who were previously incarcerated. A number of states took actions since the 2020 election that have been criticized as restricting access to the polls. There were 34 restrictions on voting in at least 19 states. Georgia makes it illegal to give water to people waiting in long lines. Texas has banned 24-hour drive-through voting, which was created originally to offer a secure way for voters to cast their ballots during the pandemic. The Department of Justice is now suing both states. After voters in Florida approved an amendment that restored voting rights for most felons’, the Republicans of Florida enacted additional restrictions. This required felons who have not paid their legal debts before they could cast a vote. 

JUDY BOLDEN, That’s not the way we voted. 

PRESHA: Judy Bolden from Orlando was sentenced to 18 months for drug trafficking in the 20th century. Although she has been released since then, her debts of nearly $53,000 for fees related to her conviction mean that she is not eligible to vote. 

BOLDEN – Did anyone have to pay for their vote rights? However, I must pay for my rights back. 

PRESHA: She’s 1 of more than 770,000 felons there who’ve served their time, but are denied their right to vote until their debts are cleared. This is a large population that can change the outcome of an election. Trump was elected Florida’s former President in 2020 with just 370,000 votes. Bolden and others are seeking Washington’s intervention. 

BOLDEN – I would like to have my voice heard for not just me but all those who are unable to vote. 

PRESHA: Although many Republican supporters of new voter access restrictions claim that these are intended to protect elections, some critics argue they restrict the rights of minority voters. Janai?

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