ABC Sitcom ‘black-ish’: American Dream ‘Can Be Yours…Unless You’re Black’

ABC’s sitcom black-ish has long been known as a venue for leftist and racist politics. Tuesday’s episode, “Ashy to Classy” was no different as the show claimed that the American Dream “can be yours…unless you’re black.” It also preached that people of color have to be perfect because “(their) path to the American Dream is so narrow…”

Right from the start of the episode, main character Dre (Anthony Anderson) whines about his perceived victimhood in the show’s opening montage and voiceover:

Dre: To live the American Dream, work hard, do your best, and you can have everything that you want. Except you’re not black. Black people must be at the top to earn even a small amount of respect. Not the best.Because we must be great, excellence shines through all we do — our walking, talking, and even how we look. There is no other choice. The path to the American Dream can be so narrow, that even one slip could bring out all the hate.Serena was well on her way to another French Open win, but they couldn’t stop talking about her catsuit. Barack Obama did three more racks in his closet and everybody lost their minds. As always, we black people must do more than what is already possible. It’s the reason why Johnsons bring it.

The irony in this whole mess of a montage is glaring, as Dre (Anthony Anderson) tries to convince viewers that black people are victims who have a “narrow path” to the American Dream while a bunch of successful black athletes, musicians, poets, and politicians, among others, flash across the screen. It seems that spelling bees are not about race, but being the best at any sport or competition. That’s the whole point of winning.

And do the writers of the show really believe black people are the only ones who have haters? Can they explain to us, then, why Tim Tebow, a white former NFL player, got so much hate for his outward expression of his Christian faith while no one bats an eye at Stephen Curry, a black NBA player, when he does the same? Angelina Jolie has done incredible humanitarian work and is an accomplished actress, “but all they could talk about” is her divorce from Brad Pitt or her leg awkwardly sticking out of her dress while posing on the red carpet.

It is so easy to play victimhood! Does this prove that white Americans are not on the right path to the American Dream? Or does it prove that anyone can convince themselves they’re a victim if they’re determined to believe it? (Hint: It’s the latter.)

This narrative that black people can’t succeed as easily as white people is very dangerous and horribly racist, as these two black fathers have so valiantly stated. And it’s one that liberal Hollywood and the main-stream media need to stop pushing on impressionable, young black people. There is no one way to achieve the American Dream, but hard work, determination and perseverance are key to success.

Maybe if liberals in Hollywood, like Anderson, would remove their victim-colored glasses and stop race-baiting, they’d be able to see the whole path. Anderson may choose to remain a victim in his own mind, but the show must stop sending such divisive and racist propaganda.

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